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How to prevent nutrition loss when using fruit juicer machine?

fresh fruit juice from the electric fruit juicer
fresh fruit juice from the electric fruit juicer

There are many types of fruit juicer brands on the market, and many families will buy small fruit juicers for fruit juice extraction. And some small and medium-sized fruit beverage processing plants will also purchase commercial fruit pulping machines for various types of fruit and vegetable juicers. So how can we reduce the loss of nutrients when using an electric juicer for fruit juice?

Does fruit juice really cause nutrition loss?

The answer is, of course. The nutritional loss of fruit juice is mainly reflected in the loss of vitamins and antioxidants. This is because cells in fruits and vegetables have complex ultrastructures. It’s like a unit, there will be many rooms, each room will perform its own duties, and the things you put will not be the same.

For example, vitamin C must not meet various oxidases, or they will interact with each other. However, when making juice, the high-speed rotating blade will destroy all the cells, and everything in them will be mixed together. In this way, vitamin C encounters a variety of oxidases and naturally loses a lot.

fruit and vegetable pulper machine
fruit and vegetable pulper machine

According to tests, after the cucumber is pulped, the destruction rate of vitamin C is as high as 80%. Tomatoes, pakchoi, etc. have similar results. In addition to vitamin C, antioxidant components such as flavonoids and anthocyanins will also be lost to varying degrees.

How can juice making with fruit pulper machine reduce nutrition loss?

First, don’t lose the foam of freshly squeezed juice. There is a thick layer of foam on the juice squeezed by the electric juicer. Studies have found that this layer of foam is rich in enzymes, and its activity can be guaranteed only after drinking as soon as possible.

Secondly, after washing the fruit, you can beat it with the skin and seeds. This can increase the antioxidant nutrients; it is best not to filter the residue after making the juice to ensure the intake of dietary fiber.

Third, when food manufacturers make fruit juices with the commercial fruit juicers, they often have to blanch the fruit. In this way, the oxidase can be eliminated, and the hidden danger of loss of nutrients such as vitamin C can be eliminated. Therefore, before juicing the fruit, use hot water.

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