What determines the quality of the screw juicer machine?

Vegetable juices production
vegetable juices production

The screw juicer machine is an important industrial processing machine for dewatering of sawdust, sludge, kitchen wastes and so on. It is a kind of environmental-friendly equipment for applying in many fields. Besides, this screw press can also be regarded as a good juicer machine for making all kinds of vegetables and fruits juice. There are many types of screw juicer machines in the market, however, the quality and price of these machines vary greatly. Therefore, when you decide to buy a screw juicer machine, you may follow the useful suggestions below.

Fruit juice making
Fruit Juice Making

How to choose the best juice extracting machine?

  1. According to your own extraction purposes. Decided to use a screw press or a hydraulic press. If you want to use a screw press, you must buy a single screw press, twin-screw press, etc. If you want to use a hydraulic press, stainless steel presses, fresh fruit presses can meet your needs.
  2. Based on the characteristics of your raw materials to be extracted. The characteristics of the raw materials are different, and the press chosen is not the same. The characteristics of the raw materials include relative density, properties, temperature, viscosity, particle size, activity, particle size distribution, presence or absence of corrosion, and the like. Depending on your raw materials, you should purchase the appropriate screw juicer model. Our professional technicians will help you recommend the most suitable machine model.
  3. If your demand for extraction output is different, you will also choose a different screw Our spiral juicers come in different models and different capacities to meet your every need.
  4. Different working environments also have an impact on the working capacity of the screw press. Whether the workplace is closed, the degree of dryness, the safety factor, and the regulations on environmental pollution are all relevant for selecting the model of the screw juicer.

Main factors for determining the screw juicer machine quality

  1. Juice rate

The juice yield of the screw juicer machine is related to the basic parameters of its press screw and is an important parameter for evaluating the expected effect of the juice press. Many users will ask us what is the compression screw compression ratio of the screw juicer? The extrusion processing of the raw material by the pressing screw not only has a corresponding compression ratio factor but also is related to the torque of the screw shaft inside the machine.

Juicer machine manufacturer
Juicer Machine Manufacturer
  1. The moisture content of the solids in the pressed juice obtained.

In many cases, the screw press juice is convenient for obtaining a clearer liquid juice, and the degree of breakage of the material and the diameter of the stainless steel screen are an effective method for controlling the solid content of the pressed juice. Users generally decide whether to buy a juicer based on the test results of the press. As a professional fruit and vegetable press manufacturer, we welcome customers to the factory to test the machine, and the entire test process is completely free for the buyer.

Screw juice extractor
Screw Juice Extractor
  1. Easy to clean and maintain

In order to ensure the freshness and hygiene of the pressed juice, the cleaning of the screw juicer is carried out as much as possible after the end of each pressing process. After each juice extraction, the stainless steel screen must be removed to eliminate any residue in the press chamber. For the juices of fresh fruits and vegetables, the sugar and protein of some fruits and vegetables will grow mildew and alcohol in a short period of time. If not cleaned in time, it will pollute the subsequent juice.

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