Garlic & Onion & Ginger Powder Processing Machine

Ginger powder processing production line

The ginger powder processing machine uses ginger as a raw material and processes ginger into ginger powder through various processing techniques and related equipment. Ginger powder can be used to make food additives, pickles, soups, ginger tea blends, etc. It is fast and convenient to use, can significantly increase the added value of ginger, and can meet the needs of various families, restaurants, and food processing. plants, etc. Our ginger powder production line can also be used to produce garlic powder and onion powder. Our production lines can be designed as semi-automatic or fully automated production lines according to your needs, and some equipment can also be customized to your needs.

The production process of ginger powder

Making ginger into ginger flour mainly involves washing and peeling, thinly slicing, drying, grinding, sieving and packing. All mechanical parts of ginger powder processing machine in direct contact with food are made of stainless steel to ensure food safety and hygiene.

Production process
Production process
  1. Washing and peeling: First, use a brush-cleaning machine to peel the ginger. In the process of peeling, there is a high-pressure water pipe that cleans the ginger.
  2. Slice: Clean-washed ginger can also be sliced and cut into filaments or cubes. The function of this step is to prepare for the next drying and grinding.
  3. Dry: Use a dryer to dry the sliced ginger. Dried ginger is more favorable for grinding, has greater grinding efficiency, and the quality of the crushed ginger powder is better.
  4. Grind: Our ginger grinder is widely used in a variety of medicinal ingredients, grains, fruits and vegetables, and other products. Ground ginger powder can reach 20-120 mesh.
  5. Sieving: The sieving machine can further distinguish the height of the surface ginger powder. Sifted ginger flour can be packed for final processing.

Key components of ginger powder maker

Ginger powder processing machine included in the ginger powder production line includes brush washing machines, fruit and vegetable slicers, dryers, stainless steel grinders, vibration screening machines, and packaging machines.

Brushing Machine

Brushing Machine

Washing and peeling machine, mainly suitable for washing and peeling potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, peanuts, and other rhizome materials. The peeling machine can be cleaned continuously, is easy to operate, and has a long life. The brush roller material is machined in a special process and is durable.

modelMotor Power (kw)Capacity (kg/h)

Plant cutting machine  

Vegetable Cutter

Our company has introduced a multifunctional vegetable cutter that can be used to strip vegetables and fruits and cut them into thread shapes, slices, or small bulk. The end product is preferred by the customer. The vegetable cutter can operate continuously for 24 hours while maintaining high waterproofing performance, stable machine performance, and convenient operation.


Drying machine 


The basic principle of CT Series hot air circulation dryers is to use steam or electricity as heat energy, heat from steam radiators or electrical heating elements, and fans are used for convection heat exchange to transfer heat. Continuously replenish fresh air to drain humid air.The biggest feature is that most of the hot air circulates within the box, improving heat efficiency and saving energy.

modeldimensionPower Supply
Baking panmaterialtrolley
640*460*45mmStainless steel interior and exterior1

Stainless Steel Factory  

Stainless Steel Factory

The machine achieves the goal of fracking using shredded materials caused by high-speed relative movement between the activity of high-speed gear rings and collisions of fast ring gears, the impact of tooth plates, friction, and the collision of the material itself. material. This machine is a simple structure, stable operation, and quiet, food-crushing effect. Shredded material directly in the grinding room. To achieve particle size by selecting different apertures of the mesh.

Capacity (kg/h)20-50160-800800-2000
Feeding size (mm)62~122~15
Grinding degree (mesh)10-12010-12010-120
Weight (kg)120400880
Spindle Speed (r/min)450034003200
Motor Power (kw)2.21137

Vibration screen 

Vibration screen

Rotary vibrators are quiet, high-efficiency, high-precision micro powder selectors. Three to five minutes is enough to quickly change the screen. It has a completely enclosed structure and is suitable for screening and filtering particles, powders, mucus, and other substances.

Packaging machine 


Features of the ginger powder processing machine

  • The machine is made of safe and hygienic stainless steel.
  • It can be customized with semi-automatic or fully automatic production lines according to your needs, saving you time efficiently and time.
  • Our machines have high output, save labor and improve work efficiency.
  • With decades of product development and customer service, our production line can greatly meet your actual needs and is the best choice.
3D-Ginger Powder Processing Production Line
Ginger powder processing production line

Application of ginger powder production line

Our ginger powder processing machine can also be used to make onion powder and acid powder, each of which has a wide variety of uses. Having this set of production lines can help you perform food processing more effectively.

Application of ginger powder production line
Application of ginger powder production line