Onion peeling machine for skin removing

onion peeling machine

Onion peeling machine is a device for peeling onion. Through machine processing, the production efficiency of onion processing is improved and labor is saved. In addition, the onion skin removing machine avoids the spread of bacteria and diseases by manual operation. The machine is suitable for the production and processing of food factories, dehydrated vegetable factories, and large canteens, farms, and restaurants.

onion peeler
onion peeler

Principle of automatic onion peeling machine

The onion skin peeling machine mainly uses the thin skin of the onion and the thicker inside of the onion. The working principle of the onion peeling machine is to use the air compressor to generate a strong airflow, and the formed airflow removes the dry skin of the onion, and the peeled onion has a smooth skin and will not damage the onion skin and pulp.

Video of onion peeling machine

onion peeling

Parameters of onion peeling machine

Output: 100-500kg/h
Voltage:220v, 50hz single-phase
Power: 0.2kw
Material: 304 stainless steel
Equipment size: 62*63*90cm
Weight: 80KG
different sizes of onion skin peeling machine
different sizes of onion skin peeling machine

The onion peeling machine capacity is 100-500 kg per hour. In fact, we also have other models of onion peeling machines for sale. And you can purchase the machine according to your own production needs. The material of the machine is 304 stainless steel, which is strong and durable and can be washed directly with water.

Advantages of commercial onion peeler machine

  1. It has the advantages of low crushing rate, sanitation and pollution-free, simple operation, low failure rate, and high production efficiency.
  2. The work efficiency of the peeling machine is 12-15 times higher than that of manual peeling, and the processing capacity: peeling and cleaning an onion in 6-10 seconds.
  3. The automatic onion peeling machine has a novel and beautiful appearance, simple structure, safe and reliable operation, stability, no noise, and high efficiency.

Application of onion peeling machine

An onion skin removing machine is a machine specially used for processing onions. There are purple onions and white onions, both of which can be processed. In fact, the difference between purple-skinned onions and white-skinned onions is relatively small, and there will be slight differences in knowledge and taste.

peeled onion
peeled onion

Purple-skinned onions have less moisture than white-skinned onions, a crisper taste, and a more obvious spicy taste. They are suitable for some side dishes with heavier flavors. White-skinned onions are softer, juicier, sweeter, and less spicy. It is suitable for friends who can’t eat too spicy. The difference in the storage time of the two onions! Because white onions contain more water, their storage time will be longer. On the contrary, purple onion has less moisture and will be stored for a shorter period of time.

The peeling effect of purple onion
peeling effect of purple onion

Onion related machines

Onions are a very nutritious food. Many people like to eat onions, but they don’t like to cut them. Our company has a complete onion production line, including an onion peeling machine, an onion derogating machine, and an onion shredding machine. Solved the problems of food processing for many customers.

Purchase process of the onion skin remover machine

There are many customers who are not sure how to purchase the onion skin remover machine for the first time. If you have a demand, please contact us first, and we will arrange for a professional onion peeling machine to contact you. You just need to tell us your needs, we will give you a detailed explanation about the machine. Generally, our purchase process is to first contact us → connect with professionals → send machine details → inquire about requirements, sign a contract → to configure the machine.

packing and shipping
packing and shipping

How to maintain the onion skin removing machine?

  • During the peeling work, if you find that the peeling effect is not as good as before (the peeling rate decreases), please remove the peeling bucket and clean it.
  • After running for 2 to 3 days, open the peeling bucket to clean, so as not to block the onion skin.
  • Always check whether the pressure is above 5~6Kg, whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, and whether the waste liquid in the filter cup should be discharged.
  • Check the air compressor, drain the water inside the air compressor frequently, and keep the air compressor dry, otherwise, it will indirectly affect the service life of the onion peeling machine.