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Fruit Slicer Machine | Onion Slicer | Banana Slicing Machine

automatic onion slicer
automatic onion slicer

This commercial fruit slicer machine is mainly used to cut various vegetables and fruits into slices with different thicknesses. This onion slicer can be widely used in many food processing factories, restaurants, and various school canteens. The thickness of the slice can be adjusted at will. The thickness of the cut fruit slices is uniform and the slices are neat in shape.

Automatic fruit slicer machine description

The onion slicing machine is the new-designed type of vegetable cutting equipment for most food processing plants. It has a beautiful and compact structure so that it is convenient for applying to many places. The main parts of this vegetable slicing machine are the motor, machine frame, four inlets, cutter plate, and cutting blades and so on.

commercial vegetable slicing machine manufacturer
Commercial vegetable slicing machine manufacturer

How to use the onion slicer for sale?

Before using this fruit slicing machine, we should make sure that the power supply is ready. Then, press the button for starting the slicer machine(green button). We can sort out the fruits and vegetables and put them together with the same size for high slicing efficiency. And then, we can put them into the slicer machine inlets by hand one by one. The inner cutting plate rotates at a high speed when slicing so that the fruits and vegetables will be sliced very quickly.

Applications of the fruit slicing machine

This commercial banana slicer can be used to process potatoes (potato), lotus root, apples, pears, radishes, lemons, cucumbers, onions, bananas and other rhizome fruits and vegetables. The machine is made of stainless steel, with simple structure, easy operation, and good safety performance.

fruit slicing machine structure
Fruit slicing machine structure

Technical parameters of the onion slicing machine

Power: 0.75kw     Voltage: 110V /60hz     Thickness range: 1-8mm     Output: 300-600kg/h     Dimension: 650*720*1200mm

Precautions of the Onion Slicer

  1. All fruit slicer maintenance work must be performed with the power off. In addition, the cleanliness and good lighting of the workplace are also an important prerequisite for the safe operation of the machine.
  2. Clean the machine after each use. Make sure that no ingredients or material residues are inside the machine.
  3. Before starting to slice the onion, turn the dial with your hand and observe if there is any bump. After starting the switch, observe whether the cutter of the machine rotates counterclockwise from the feed port.
  4. The vegetable slicing machine should be cut before normal work and observe whether the specifications of the cut vegetables are consistent with the requirements. Otherwise, adjust the height of the turntable or replace the blade until the adjustment is correct before starting the batch normal work.
  5. After using the device for a period of time, check whether the screws in various parts are loose. If looseness is found, tighten the screw tightly; if the screw is slipped, replace it with a new one.

Banana Slicer machine working video

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