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Arabic pita bread production line

The industrial pita bread production line is manufactured for the mass production of soft Arabic pita bread and flatbread. This automatic Arabic bread processing line mainly includes a dough kneading machine, a dough sheet press machine, a pita bread forming machine, and a continuous pita bread oven. The flat bread processing plant can produce round (30-40cm in diameter) and square (30*25cm) pita bread, and its output is between 100kg/h and 500kg/h. The size and output of Pita bread can also be customized according to customer needs. The pita bread production line can replace a lot of labor and realize the mechanized production of Arabian bread. It has the characteristics of large output, good quality of finished products, energy-saving, and labor-saving.

Working video of pita bread processing plant

Classifications of the pita bread

Pita bread is a very common pasta in the Arab region and is often used to accompany other dishes. Usually, pita bread can be divided into two halves when eating, forming two pocket-shaped breads. We can fill the pocket bread with various sauces, fillings, vegetables, etc. to eat.

pita bread with different shapes and sizes
pita bread with different shapes and sizes

Today, this kind of soft pita bread is available in many countries. At present, the common pita bread on the market is mainly crisp pita bread and soft pita bread. The soft pita bread is the most popular in the Middle East. Among them, soft Arabic bread mainly has two types, square and round, with various sizes.

Processing craft of the Arabic pita bread production line

The workflow of the commercial pita bread production line is basically similar to that of hand-made pita bread, but the processing volume is relatively large and the production efficiency is higher. The production process of The Arabic bread processing plant mainly includes dough mixing, dough sheet pressing, pita bread dough forming, and pita bread baking.

whole set of pita bread production line
whole set of pita bread production line

Dough mixing

We use this electric kneading machine to mix and stir flour and water in a certain proportion to form a soft dough. This kneading machine can imitate manual kneading, improve kneading efficiency, and save manpower.

There is a mixing shaft in the mixing barrel of the automatic kneading machine, which can continuously mix the raw materials and prevent the dough from sticking to the barrel wall. The dough mixer has different models, and the volume of the mixing tank of different models is different, usually 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, etc. per batch.

automatic dough kneading machine
automatic dough kneading machine

Dough mixer parameter

Capacity: 50kg/batch
Power: 2.2KW
Weight: 250kg
Size: 980×510×1010mm

Dough sheet pressing

After the dough is made, we need to use an electric dough sheet press machine to press the large pieces of dough into dough sheets with uniform thickness. The machine can not only press the dough into dough sheets but also repeatedly roll the dough sheets to improve the toughness of the dough sheets and make the processed pita bread chewier and taste better. The pressure roller gap of the dough sheet can be adjusted, so the thickness of the dough sheets can be changed.

dough sheet press machine
dough sheet press machine

Dough sheet press parameter

Roll width:350mm
Size: 1330*615*1060mm

Pita bread dough forming

The pita bread forming machine mainly cuts the dough sheet into round or square pita bread dough sheets. The machine can not only cut the dough sheet into shapes but also recycle the cut scraps without causing waste.

pita bread forming machine
pita bread forming machine

In addition, the pressure roller gap of the forming machine can also be adjusted between 1mm and 6mm, and the thickness of the pita bread dough sheet is about 1-2mm. The cutting dies of the pita bread forming machine can be customized and replaced to process pita bread of different shapes and sizes.

replaceable pita bread forming molds
replaceable pita bread forming molds

Pita bread dough sheet forming machine parameter

Power: 2.2kw
Capacity: 1000kg/h
Size(H*L*W): 1100*1900*730mm
Weight: 300kg
Thickness range: 1-6mm
Stainless steel + PVC food-grade conveyor belt

Pita bread baking

Finally, we need to bake the Arabic bread using the pita bread oven. The continuous pita bread oven can adopt electric heating and gas heating and is mainly composed of a heating system and a conveyor belt. All the machine parts are made of stainless steel.

The bread thickness is about 2mm, and the largest pita bread production can reach 1500 sheets/hour, and the thicker the bread thickness, the lower the output. The smaller diameter bread can be made into a double-row mold so that the pita bread output is double.

continuous pita bread oven
continuous pita bread oven

Pita bread oven parameter

Belt power: 1.2kw
Voltage: 220v
Weight: 560kg
Capacity: 800pcs/h
Size(H*W*L): 2650*830*1020mm

The main features of the commercial Arabic pita bread production line

1. To realize the commercial production of pita bread, a full set of pita bread processing line is the best choice, which can not only save labor but also improve production efficiency and increase revenue.

2. In order to meet the needs of different customers, our pita bread oven is designed with two heating methods, namely electric heating, and gas heating. For customers with larger production volumes, it will be more economical to choose a gas-heated oven, because the unit price of gas is usually cheaper than that of electricity, which can reduce production costs.

various Arabic pita bread
various Arabic pita bread

3. To ensure food hygiene and safety, our full set of Arabic cake processing plants is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. Equipment made of this material will also be more resistant to corrosion and have a longer service life.

4. We can process different sizes and shapes of Arabic bread by changing the forming molds of the pita bread forming machine. Of course, we can also customize the forming abrasives according to the size required by the customer.

5. The output of the pita bread processing line is usually between 500pcs/h and 2000pcs/h. We can recommend suitable pita bread makers for customers and provide suitable pita bread production plans to customers according to their needs.

pita bread oven for shipping to Oman
pita bread oven for shipping to Oman

Customer cases for pita bread processing lines

The following two pictures are photos of our customers in our factory. They are from Turkey and the UAE. They are all processors engaged in the production of Arabic bread, and they have ordered a full set of pita bread processing equipment from our factory.