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Cookie dropping machine for sale
cookie dropping machine for sale

The commercial cookie dropping machine is a very practical biscuit making machinery. It can extrude the cookie dough into various shapes and then bake it to make delicious cookies. This small and medium-sized cookie maker machine is very suitable for various pastry food processing plants, bakeries, restaurants, and can produce cookies and biscuits of various shapes and flavors in large quantities. The electric cookie dropping machine can usually be used with an automatic dough mixer and biscuit baking machine to achieve large-volume production of cookies and biscuits.

Cookie dropping machine with trays
cookie dropping machine with trays

What is the difference between cookies and biscuits?

Cookies and biscuits are very popular refreshments and casual snacks in our lives. Many people think that cookies are biscuits, but in fact, there are still some differences between cookies and biscuits.

Generally speaking, biscuits are divided into tough biscuits, crisp biscuits, soda biscuits, wafer biscuits, etc. Tough biscuits, as the name suggests, are harder, crispy, and chewy. The most common tough biscuits are finger biscuits, the common Glico Pocky, Pretz, etc.

Delicious cookies made by cookie maker
delicious cookies made by cookie maker

Crisp biscuits are biscuits with a crisp texture. Cookies are crisp biscuits. The taste of crisp biscuits is softer than that of tough biscuits. Cookies taste crisper, more moisturized, and more fragrant than other biscuits. The reason is that cookies are added more fat than tough biscuits.

Because the oil will spread in the dough, form a very thin oil film, wrapped on the protein’s surface. The structure of the cookie will be very loose and it will taste very crispy. Due to the relatively high oil and sugar content in cookies, the taste is naturally more fragrant than ordinary biscuits.

Cookie dropping machine mainly extrudes cookie dough into various shapes. The cookies making machine can produce a variety of unique fancy snacks and cookie doughs. The biscuit machine has the characteristics of advanced technology, compact structure and simple operation.

Cookie dropping process
cookie dropping process

The cookie dropping machine has a variety of molds and can produce dozens of fancy cookies, two-color cookies, sesame cakes, etc. Customers can choose according to their needs. The formed fancy desserts and cookies have clear patterns and beautiful shapes.

Various cookie dropping molds
various cookie dropping molds

The main structure of the cookie dropping machine includes body, mold, head, wire cutting, cutter, conveying canvas, lifting mechanism, and rotating mechanism. The molds include color separation grooves, color separation plates, and cookie combination molds. The mold of the machine is installed under the head. Wire cutting, cutting knife, conveying canvas belt, lifting mechanism, and the rotating mechanism is installed on the machine.

Cookie dropping machine structure
cookie dropping machine structure

The cookie extruder machine can realize the production of cutting two-color, rotating two-color, and garlanding two-color cookies by changing the color separation plate and color separation groove of the mold and the cookie combination mold.

Small cookie production line
small cookie production line
  1. Kneading machine: Mix and stir the raw materials for making cookies to make the cookie dough.
  2. Biscuit dropping machine (molding machine): Extruding the mixed dough into shape.
  3. Baking oven: Put the formed cookie into the oven through the mesh belt for baking, coloring, and shaping.
  4. Cooling conveyor line: used to cool the biscuits or cookies after they are out of the oven.
  5. Cookie packaging machine: package the biscuits and cookies after cooling. Customers can choose various packaging styles.
Commercial cookie machine manufacturer
commercial cookie machine manufacturer
  1. Cookie dropping machines can make crisp biscuits, tough biscuits, peach crisp biscuits, cookies, and other biscuits. We can configure the appropriate machine model according to the customer’s output requirements, and the output ranges from 50-1000kg/h.
  2. The oven of the cookie production line can choose different heating methods, which can be divided into the gas type and electric heating type.
  3. The cookie maker adopts PLC programming control, which has a high degree of automation. There are two types of extrusion molding and steel wire cutting molding, which can be realized on one machine, and the operation is convenient.
  4. Cookies can be made into cookie shapes that customers want by changing different molding nozzles.
  5. The biscuit making machinery has a high degree of automation, saving manpower and time, and working more efficiently.
Small cookie biscuit making machine for shipping to japan
small cookie biscuit making machine for shipping to Japan

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