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Dough mixer
dough mixer

This dough kneading machine is the commercial dough mixer for mixing the flour products, which is mainly suitable for the processing of various noodle products. The dough mixer produced by our company is in the principle of stimulating the hand and surface so that the gluten network is formed rapidly, and the protein structure is balanced so that the gluten, bite and tension of the surface are far superior to other forms of dough. The processed dough has a smooth taste, high transparency, and good elasticity.

Structural features of the dough mixer

Dough kneading machine structure display
Dough Kneading Machine Structure Display

The dough kneader is a kind of pasta processing machine, which consists of a mixing tank, a stirring hook, a transmission device, an electrical box, a machine base and so on. The main purpose is to uniformly mix the flour and the water, and also to gather the noodles and beat the eggs.

The dough maker machine is the common equipment in modern kitchens. It is also a multi-functional cooking machine, which is also called a multi-function chef. There are many kinds of dough mixers in the market, so customers should carefully select powerful dough mixer manufacturers and dough mixing machine suppliers.

The operation process of dough kneading machine

  1. Wash the dough mixer before use and put it in the appropriate flour and water. Be careful not to add excessive amounts of flour and water to avoid damaging the machine. If you need more than one side, you need to mix 2 times or more. After the flour and water are added, close the baffle and check that the equipment is safely configured and then powered.
  2. When mixing the dough, let the machine stir in both directions, so that the surface is even. Usually, the machine runs continuously for 6-10 minutes and the dough is well. After the machine is stopped, pull the handle of the bucket and reverse the bucket. Then, the handle is reset, the block is stressed, and after the bucket is fixed, the “shun” or “reverse” switch is pulled, and the dough is thrown out.
  3. When the dough kneading machine is stirring, if it is not evenly mixed or dropped into the dirt, do not put your hand in the mixing box. If you need to adjust or take a face by hand, you must first turn off the power supply.
  4. After the dough is stirred, turn off the power. After the machine is shut down, the residue should be cleaned every time, usually once a week.
  5. Do not make a thin surface in the dough mixer to prevent corrosion and noodle machine.
  6. If a fault such as leakage is found, the power supply should be shut down immediately, and an electrician should be repaired.
Industrial dough mixer machine for bakeries
Industrial Dough Mixer Machine For Bakeries

Main features of dough mixer 

  1. This high-quality dough mixer can be widely used in canteens, restaurants, pasta processing, dough processing, western food shop, cake room, snack food factory, tea restaurants, Chinese restaurants, bakeries, beverage shops, frozen food factories, coffee shops, taro room and so on. Then use the kneaded dough to make buns, fried dough twists, and other pasta. This dough making machine can replace manual operations to reduce labor.
  2. The automatic dough kneader has the advantages of strong environmental performance, compact structure, good sealing, uniform surface, convenient discharging, low power consumption, and low noise.
  3. The dough mixer is one of the necessary pieces of equipment for the pasta processing factory. It can mix wheat flour and water (sometimes with cooking oil, sugar and other ingredients to make a dough. The dough mixer can reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve work efficiency, and achieve civilized production.
    Flour for making dough
    Flour For Making Dough
  4. The dough kneading machine can simulate hand-made and noodle, break through the traditional hand-made and noodle methods, combined with the techniques of smashing, pressing, stacking and smashing so that the surface and water can be fully integrated and more powerful. It is a good helper for making delicious food such as steamed bread and bread.
  5. The machine body is made of high-quality steel welded. The casing is made of stainless steel and is sturdy and beautiful. The face bucket is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and meets food safety standards.

Dough maker installation and commissioning

Installation of the dough machine

The dough kneading machine should be installed in a balanced area and ensure that there are no corrosive, flammable or explosive materials around the machine. Keep the distance between the machine and the wall not less than 15 cm, which is convenient for heat dissipation when the mixer is working. Read the technical parameters marked in the manual before connecting the power supply. The enclosure must be well grounded to avoid electrical leakage.

Real effect for making dough
Real Effect For Making Dough

Commissioning of the dough kneader machine

Please check in detail after you remove the mixer. Since long-distance transportation may loosen some fasteners, the equipment must be thoroughly inspected before use to avoid accidents. Allow the machine to idle for half an hour and then check whether the components are loose or not, and confirm that everything is normal before it can be put into use.

Maintenance of dough kneading machine

The dough kneading machine should be wiped clean after each work to ensure the hygiene of the food. Pay attention to the following items: 1. Do not rinse the various parts of the mixer directly with water. 2. It is forbidden to use an abrasive washer and a metal brush to wipe the cleaning machine. 3. Do not use a solvent such as gasoline or alcohol to wipe the dough mixer. 4. The machine prohibits any cleaning work during work. 5. Regularly add the right amount of lubricant to the fueling position. 6. The grease on the drive bearing should be replaced after six months of use.

Technical parameters of commercial dough mixer

Model The amount for mixing(kg) Mixing time(min) Voltage (v) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
TZ-12.5 12.5 3-10 220/380 1.5 100 650*400*730
TZ-25 25 3-10 220/380 1.5 128 685*480*910
TZ-37.5 37.5 3-10 220/380 2.2 175 840*480*910
TZ-50 50 3-10 220 2.2 230 1070*570*1050
380 2.575 275
TZ-75 75 3-10 380 3.75 475 1410*680*1250
TZ-100 100 3-10 380 3.75 490 1520*680*1250
TZ-150 150 3-10 380 6.25 700 1710*730*1400
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