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Fried Dough Twist Machine | Mahua Maker

fried dough twist machine
fried dough twist machine

Fried dough twist also named Mahua is a specialty health food in China. The golden twist is sweet and crisp, delicious and not greasy, rich in protein, amino acids, multivitamins, and trace elements. Mahua is a kind of dough twisted together by two or three strips or more strips, then be cooked by frying. We can make the fried dough twist by hand or make it with a special fried dough twist machine. The fried dough twists with moderate calories and low fat are ideal snack foods that are now popular in countries around the world like Korea, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

fried dough twist machine
fried dough twist machine

Automatic fried dough making machine description

The fried twisting machine belongs to a common food processing equipment, and can also be said to be a food semi-processing equipment. Its main job is to replace the artificial dough twisting and molding equipment of various styles. In the actual production of fried dough twists, this machine usually should match with a dough mixer, a frying machine and a seasoning machine for doing delicious Mahua production. According to different requirements of the final fried dough twists, our fried dough twist maker mainly can make the fried dough twists with single-strip, three-strips, and six-strips.

delicious fried dough twists
delicious fried dough twists

How to make fried dough twists?

The fried dough twists making machine can be different types and models, which mainly can be divided into three types: single-strip fried dough twist machines, hydraulic type three-strips fried dough twist maker and hydraulic type six-strips fried dough twist machine.

Single-strip fried dough twist machine

The single-strip fried dough twist processing machine is the simplest type of mahua making machine, which is composed of the frame body, PLC controlling system, dough extracting part and the dough twists cutting and discharging part.

  1. Frame body: The frame body is made of 304 stainless steel welding.
  2. Control system: PLC control system.
  3. Molding part: feeding with screw drive, driving the planetary wheel system to rotate and discharge.
  4. Cutting and discharging parts: consisting of a belt structure of a conveyor belt and a charged disk.

Main features: The fried dough twists’ thickness and the length can be adjusted easily.

single-strip fried dough twists making machine
single-strip fried dough twists making machine

Technical parameter:

Model Output Voltage Power Weight Dimension
TZ-20 10KG/H 220V/380v 0.75kw 100kg 1200*630*750mm

Hydraulic type fried dough twisting machine

The hydraulic type fried dough twist maker machine mainly includes the three-strips and six-strips fried dough twists making, which is more efficient than the first type, and their output is larger. Besides, this kind of mahua making machine is composed of the frame body, PLC controller, hydraulic system, dough twisting part and the discharging part. The hydraulic system includes the automatic cutter and the air compressor.

Three-strips fried dough twist machine

Technical parameters:

Model Output Voltage Power Weight Dimension
TZ-150 50KG/H 380V 5kw 400kg 1200*630*750mm
hydraulic fried dough twist machine
hydraulic fried dough twist machine

Six-strips fried dough twist machine

Technical parameters:

Model Output Voltage Power Weight Dimension
TZ-300S 150KG/H 380V 6kw 500kg 1500*1300*1800mm

Main features of the hydraulic fried dough twists maker

  1. The PLC controller can heat the dough of the inlet barrel automatically so that can make sure to keep the flexibility of the dough for making fried dough twists, especially in winter when the dough is easy to frozen.
  2. The final fried dough twists’ thickness and length can be adjusted easily to meet the customers’
  3. This fried dough twist machine is set an automatic oil drip device that can automatically fill oil into the dough twists to prevent the dough from sticking together.
    factory stock for the fried dough twist making machine
    factory stock for the fried dough twist making machine
  4. The machine adopts automatic beading, automatic purloining and automatic cutting of the infinitely variable speed mode to produce a variety of different fried dough twist products.
  5. This machine is easy to operate and can be operated by ordinary people. It is an ideal product for the production of twisted food and fried food stores! We will provide you with a recipe for making delicious twists for free.
  6. We can also customize the fried dough twists production line for our customers according to their different requirements of the production yields.

Fried dough twist making machine use and maintenance

  1. Fill the gears and lubrication parts of the machine before and after turning on the machine (external butter, internal cooking oil). After turning on the power, first, check if the direction of the machine is running correctly, and then listen to the machine for abnormal sound. If there is abnormal noise, stop the machine and have a check.
  2. Brush the fried dough making machine’s cutter with cooking oil to avoid sticking the knife. The dough is automatically cut by a cutter on the conveyor belt, and the twisted end of the dough twists can be flattened while being cut. In this way, the twisted ends of the fried dough twists will not spread when frying. After the dough twist is cut, it can be fed into the oil pan through the conveyor belt for frying.
  3. When installing the mold, first dip the mold with cooking oil or water, and then install it on the machine. After starting the machine, the material cut into the size of the steamed bread is placed in the feeding hopper, and then automatically fed into the molding part of the machine by the feeder.
  4. The initial discharge needs to be slightly slower, and when the produced dough twist is smooth, more material can be added for twisting. After shutdown, plug the outlet and feed hopper with a tarpaulin or plastic cloth to avoid drying or clogging when the next production is resumed. If it is not produced for a long time, clean the surface slag in the machine and clean it. The molded head should be removed and immersed in the oil for reuse next time.

Dough twist maker machine working video

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