Nigerian customer visited for the Fried Dough Twist Machine

Nigerian order for mahua maker
Nigerian order for mahua maker

Fried dough twist machine mainly can press and extrude the flour dough blocks into beautiful dough twists. According to different customer requirements for the dough twists shape and dough twist machine production capacities, we Taizy Machinery has designed many types of mahua makers for making single-strip dough twist, three-strips dough twist, and six-strips dough twist. The final dough twists can be further fried with a special deep fryer machine.

Fried dough twist machine
Fried Dough Twist Machine

Why fried dough twists are so popular now?

The fried dough twist also named mahua, Chinese doughnuts and so on, which originated from Panama and now is most common in China. Actually, the fried dough twists are very popular in most of the Asian countries, such as China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and so on. Nowadays, the fried dough twist as a kind of delicious snacks are widely spread in more and more countries, and it is welcomed by many Africa and Europe countries.

Nigeria order for fried dough twist maker

One of our Nigerian customers visited our food machine factory last week and gave us an order for the fried dough twist making machines. He and his assistant were invited by our sales consultant to China for seeking business opportunities. When they arrived at our country airport, our sales consultant picked them up and visited our factory.

They were very interested in our food machines, especially the mahua making machine with the 50kg/h yield. And they asked many related technical problems about this machine, such as correct operation, maintenance tips and so on. Besides, we also helped them do the cost analysis and provided them with some useful marketing recommendations. They felt thankful for our considerate supporting.

Nigerian order for mahua maker
Nigerian Order For Mahua Maker

As the professional food machine manufacturer, we have adhered to the principle of sincere customer service. Therefore, we can keep connecting more and more new or old customers contact, which not only makes us better and better but also brings a lot of profits for our clients and promotes economic development to many user areas.

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