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Continuous Food Fryer | Frying Machine

continuous fryer
continuous fryer

This continuous fryer machine also can be called the industrial food frying machine, deep fryers and so on, which is commonly used in the potato chips and french fries processing lines for quick and deep-frying. This food fryer machine is the mesh belt type of food processing equipment for frying all kinds of delicious food for commercial purposes. This continuous fryer can be designed with steam heating, electric heating, gas heating, and other heating methods.

fryer machine with 8m mesh belt
fryer machine with 8m mesh belt

What are the main components of a continuous fryer?

The commercial food fryer machine is very efficient for making potato chips, fried dough twists, french fries, doughnuts, and other fried foods. This frying machine is a big type of food processing equipment, which can make fried food on a large scale. This machine consists of a mesh belt conveyor system, automatic scraping system, mesh belt lifting system, oil temperature automatic control system, electric heating system (or gas heating system, etc.). It is composed of the cover, rack, mesh belt, inner frying slot, motors, electric cabinet, and other related devices. The mesh belt can be designed with a single layer or double layers based on the customer’s production requirements.

commercial frying machine details
commercial frying machine details

The reasons for choosing the industrial food frying machine?

Food frying is a common process in food manufacturing and is also a very popular food preparation method nowadays. Until now, a wide range of fried foods has been developed through the long food processing history, especially the convenience foods, such as potato crisps, doughnuts, french fries, fried dough twists, chicken legs, and fried fish products, potato chips, and all kinds of snack foods. Under the great demand for fried foods in the international market, there should be efficient and safe equipment for making fried food.

fried foods from continuous fryer
fried foods from the continuous fryer

How does the commercial deep fryer work?

This food fryer machine is always used in various fried food processing lines, such as french fries production line, doughnuts production line and potato chips production line. Therefore, the raw materials for this automatic fryer machine are the materials processed by the last processing link, such as washing and peeling, slicing and blanching and so on.

When using this frying machine, we should preheat the oil for about 20 minutes before adding the raw materials. When the temperature reaches about 150℃, we start to add the materials for deep frying manually or by a conveyor. Then the food will enter the boiled oil for deep frying through its inner mesh belt conveyor and then will be discharged from the machine outlet. The actual frying time will be different according to different food for processing.

The inner frying slot of this continuous fryer is composed of the heating pipes on the bottom of this machine so that no matter what heating method you choose, the food will be quick-fried with the even temperature. Besides, the length and width of the mesh belt can be customized based on the customer’s processing needs.

deep fryer machine structure
deep fryer machine structure

Main features of the continuous fryer

  1. The machine can fry foods of different specifications. Fully automatic control of frying time, temperature and scraping. The entire frying process is simple and safe to operate. The products that have been fried by this continuous frying machine have bright colors, excellent taste, and attractive flavor.
  2. Different kinds of heating methods can be chosen for this fryer machine, such as electric heating, steam heating, and gas heating. And each of these heating methods is energy-saving and cost-saving.
  3. The residue generated by the frying process can be automatically filtered and discharged through the drain valve, thereby eliminating the harmful substances produced by the repeated frying of the traditional fryer, reducing the fuel consumption and ensuring that the frying oil is fresh and not acidified.
  4. This automatic fryer machine can match with the deoiling machine when using in the food processing lines. And when the frying work is finished, this machine’s inner frying slot can be lifted for deep cleaning so that it can make sure the cleanliness of the whole frying process.

Technical parameters of the continuous fryer machine(electric heating)

ModelDimension           (mm)Weight      (kg)Power (Kw)Output(kg/h)

Technical parameters of the food frying machine(gas heating)

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