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sausage maker machine

The sausage production line is a general term for a series of machines used in sausage processing plants to make sausages. By using a sausage processing line, you can make sausages in a variety of flavors.

The raw materials for this whole sausage production line for making sausage are mainly all kinds of meat, such as pork, beef, chicken, fish, and so on. And for making sausage with different flavors, we also can provide various sausage making recipes and help you to set a complete sausage making plant according to your production requirements.

sausage production lines
sausage production lines

Working video of the sausage processing line

complete sausage production process
sausage production factory for making sausage

Equipment for making sausage

The sausage production line is composed of a series of sausage processing machines, which mainly includes the meat grinder, meat chopping, and mixing machine, stuffing machine, sausage stuffer machine, sausage knotting machine, sausage smoking oven, and the vacuum sausage packing machine.

Why choose sausage processing machines?

Sausage also named ham is a kind of delicious food which is very popular among many countries, and nearly all the people of all ages like to eat sausages. So the sausage-making market is very promising for a lot of enterprises. Though we can make the sausage by hand in the small workshop, the sausage yield is quite limited and it is not easy to ensure the sausage quality.

The sausage production line can make high-quality sausage on a large scale with a whole set of sausage makers. From the first stage of meat cutting to the final stage of sausage packing, there will be no pollutants occurring and the sausage tastes as good as the hand-made sausages.

Sausage making
Sausage making

The working process of the sausage production line

Meat cutting and meat grinding

Usually, we use pork meat as the main raw material for making sausages. We should cut the meat into small blocks and then grind the meat into small pieces. This meat grinder machine is very useful for grinding both fresh and frozen meat. Before grinding the fresh and boneless meat, we may need a meat cutter for cutting the big meat blocks into small blocks so that it will be convenient for further grinding.
Meat cutting and meat grinding
Meat cutting and meat grinding
Model: TZ-JRJ-120
Power: 7.5kw
Outlet size:14mm

Meat chopping and mixing

This kind of meat processing machine can further cut and mix the ground meat for making sausages. Its special cutter plate can imitate the labor chopping of the meat. With the assistance of this meat chopping machine, the pork meat can be cut into fine meat mash. And according to different customer’s requirements for making special sausage with a certain taste, the crushing degree of the meat can be adjusted.
Besides, due to its inner mixing shaft, this machine also has the function of stirring the meat mashes, therefore, customers can use this machine as a stuffing mixer by adding the seasonings for well stirring.
meat chopping and mixing machine
Meat chopping and mixing machine

Stuffing mixing

The next step for processing sausages during this sausage production line is the stuffing mixture. This stuffing machine has a U-type mixing barrel for stirring and mixing the meat mashes and the seasonings. Put a certain amount of meat mashes and seasonings in a certain proportion into the mixer, then start this machine for stirring.
After 1-3 minutes, the sausage stuffing will be mixed evenly. The parts of the machine that come into contact with the meat are made of stainless steel. Customers can also choose the vacuum type of stuffing machine to ensure a better taste of the sausages.
stuffing machine
Stuffing machine
Model: TZ-BXJ-300
Power: 3kw
Capacity: 200kg/per
Dimension: 1530*870*1400mm
Cylinder size: 1000*700*650mm

Sausage filling

After stuffing mixing, we need the sausage filling machine (also named the sausage stuffer machine) to fill the sausage stuffing into the animal casings. We can math with a sausage casing machine for sausage filling. The common animal casings are mainly pork casing and sheep casing. The diameter of the final sausage can be 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, and so on, and the maximum diameter is 52mm.
The sausage filling machine is an important equipment for processing sausage products. The machine is easy to operate, safe, and reliable to use, and can fill large, medium, and small sausage products of various specifications.
sausage stuffer
Sausage stuffer
Model: TZ-GCJ-500
Power: 2.2kw
Capacity: 500-700kg/h
Dimension: 1100*730*1600mm
Volume: 50+27L

Sausage knotting

The purpose of knotting the sausages is to separate the long sausage strips into small sausage sections which are convenient for further processing and packing. The sausage knotting machine can have different kinds with different yields.
The two commonly used types of sausage knotting machines are the manual type and the electric type. The knotting length of the sausages is adjustable, which can be decided based on customer needs. For this link, we can also match it with a quick freezer machine for keeping the sausages.sausage knotting machine
Sausage knotting machine
Model: TZ-ZXJ-20
Power: 0.75kw
Capacity: 10-100节/min
Dimension: 1100*650*1100mm

Sausage smoking

According to the special flavor of the sausages processing, we can provide a smoking oven for making smoked sausages. This sausage smoking oven can be steam heating or electric heating when working. This sausage production equipment is equipped with a special smoke generator for processing the smoked sausages.
When smoking the sausages, its inner temperature is about 40℃. Except for smoking, this smoking oven is multi-functional for cooking, drying, baking, and cleaning of sausage and other meat products.
sausage smoking oven
Sausage smoking oven
Model: TZ-YXL-500
Power: 72kw
Capacity: 500kg/per
Dimension: 2420*2300*2900mm

Sausage packing

The automatic packing machine can pack the final sausages into independent bags for easy transporting and good selling. This vacuum packing machine is suitable for good packing of the sausages and prolongs the sausages’ keeping time. Besides, the vacuum packing method can also preserve the original tastes of the sausages.
vacuum packing machine
Vacuum packing machine
Model: TZ-BZJ-600
Power: 2.2kw
Capacity: 200-800kg/h
Dimension: 1400*900*900m

High-quality sausage production equipment for sale

At Taizy Food Machinery, we have a range of sausage production equipment for sale. Whether it is a small sausage making equipment line or a large-scale sausage production line, we can provide it for you. In addition, we can also offer a customized service for some customers with special needs. So, if you need the machine for making sausage, please contact us.

The main features of the sausage production line

  1. Each of the single sausage production equipment of this sausage production line is made of high-quality SUS 304 stainless steel, which will not rust when used and can ensure product hygiene and keep the original flavors of the sausages.
  2. All these sausage making machines have different models as well as different processing yields, so no matter what sausage making capacities you want, we can customize the most appropriate sausage processing machines for you.
  3. Except for providing you with the best sausage production equipment, we can also support you with all kinds of sausage making recipes for free to help your sausage production business. And we can also help you do the cost analysis based on your local site consumption customs.

How to start a sausage making business?

Starting a sausage making business involves key steps for success. Begin by conducting market research to understand consumer preferences and identify your niche. Develop a business plan outlining your goals, target market, and financial projections.

Next, obtain the necessary permits and licenses to comply with regulations. Sourcing quality ingredients and investing in reliable sausage production equipment is crucial for product excellence. Establish an online presence through a user-friendly website with engaging content about your unique offerings. Leveraging social media and local directories enhances visibility.

Lastly, prioritize customer satisfaction to build a loyal clientele. With dedication and strategic planning, launching a successful sausage making venture is within reach.