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meat mincer

The meat grinding machine is the essential equipment for meat processing. The commercial meat grinder can directly cut the frozen meat or fresh meat into different sizes of meat and prepare for the mixing of the meat products. Since there is no need to thaw frozen meat, this meat grinding machine can maintain the nutrition of the meat and the savory taste of the meat. The meat mincer is connected with the hopper, and the meat portion and the outer package are all made of high-quality stainless steel, which is compact and easy to clean.

The problem with defrosting meat multiple times

Frozen meat is generally used in factory processing, because the meat is easily damaged, but if the meat is thawed back and forth during the processing, and the meat is frozen after grinding, the quality and taste of the meat will also be damaged. When the meat is processed, it does not need to be thawed and processed directly, which can avoid the problem of multiple thawing. Frozen meat grinders are widely used in food processing plants.

meat grinding machine
meat grinding machine

Meat grinding machine structural features

The meat grinding machine is granular meat filling that the meat processing enterprise processes the raw meat according to different process requirements in the production process. It is widely used in various sausages, ham sausages, lunch meat, meatballs, pet foods and other meat products making industries.The meat mincer machine has a compact structure and is mainly composed of a working screw, a pressing chamber, an extrusion sleeve, a hopper, a discharge port, a motor, universal wheels, the main knife seat, a casing and so on.In particular, the working screw is made of the stainless steel body, which has high strength, no deformation, and stable performance. And all the parts are made of stainless steel so that can completely meet the requirements of food hygiene.

meat grinder
meat grinder

Meat mincer working principle

The meat grinding machine are specially developed for the cutting of frozen meat and fresh meat below 18 ° C ~ 0 ° C. It is a kind of meat processing equipment with high versatility and wide application range in the meat production industry.When the meat grinder is in operation, the meat in the hopper is pushed by the rotating screw to the pre-cut plate in the cutter box. Then, the meat is chopped by the shearing action formed by the rotating cutting edge and the orifice of the orifice plate, and the meat material is continuously discharged out of the orifice plate under the action of the screw pressing force.

The electric meat grinding machine can directly cut the unthawed meat pieces to reduce the nutrient content and protein loss of the meat. The meat grinding machine can be equipped with corresponding cutters and orifice plates according to the nature of the material and the processing requirements so that different sizes of meat can be processed to meet the technical requirements of the next process.

meat grinding machine
meat grinding machine

Main advantages of the commercial meat grinding machine

  1. This meat mincer machine has good versatility, wide application range, and high production efficiency.
  2. It adopts fully enclosed gear rotation, compact structure, stable operation, and reliable operation.
  3. The process of twisting and cutting of meat is short in time and low in temperature rise, which is conducive to preservation and prolongs the shelf life of meat products.
  4. In addition to processing a variety of meat products, the machine can also cut ginger, carrots, garlic, mushrooms, etc. into a broken shape.
  5. The meat grinding machine is available in a variety of models to meet different customer needs for production. Its processing capacity ranges from 500kg/h and 3000kg/h.

Meat grinder technical parameters

Model Power (kw) Voltage (v) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
TZ-100 3 380 500 150 980*550*900
TZ-120 5.5 380 1000 258 980*550*1080
TZ-130 7.5 380 1200 400 1050*750*1150
TZ-160 15 380 1800-2200 850 1600*800*1300
TZ-200 22 380 2000-3000 1000 1555*850*1400

There are many different models of meat grinding machine. The smaller the model, the smaller the output. For example, TZ-100 is the smallest model. The output of this model of meat grinder is 500kg/h, and the output of the largest model can reach 3000kg/h. The working efficiency of the machine is very high.We have a variety of professional meat processing machines, which can cut meat into pieces, or slice it into thin slices.

What causes the difference price of meat grinder?

meat grinder factory inventory
meat grinder factory inventory

Frozen meat grinder has different body size, different configuration, different production technology, different feeding effect, different screw rod and knife structure, resulting in ineffective mincing effect. Especially for large meat grinders, the manufacturing technology requirements are very high,
Special attention should be paid to the feeding and discharging parts of the machine, and many years of experience in machine production are required.

Commercial meat grinding machine working video

The video is a simple test machine clip. We use frozen meat. The machine has a screw rod to push the meat forward. Only one person is needed to assist in placing the meat.