300kg/h fish bone remover machine exported to Malaysia

Fish deboning machine for sale
fish deboning machine for sale

The surimi obtained after the fish pieces are deboned can be used for processing fish balls. Moreover, a commercial fish meat bone separating machine is usually required to extract a large amount of surimi and fish meat. Recently, a Malaysian customer ordered an automatic fish bone remover machine with a capacity of 300kg/h from our factory.

Working principle of fish bone remover machine

The fish bone remover machine is a commonly used equipment for separating fish flesh from fish skin and fish bone. The fish bone removing machine utilizes the mutual squeezing of the rolling meat collecting tube and the rotating rubber belt to squeeze the minced fish into the meat collecting tube.

The skin and bones are left outside the meat collecting tube, and the scraper is used to send it out of the machine. The fish meat processed by the automatic fish bone remover machine does not contain any fish bones and skin and is an important raw material for processing various fish foods.

Fish meat and bone separating process
Fish Meat And Bone Separating Process

Details of the Malaysia order of fish remover machine

The Malaysian client and his partner are mainly engaged in meat processing business in the local area. Their factories mainly process various semi-finished meat products, such as meatloaf and meatballs, and then sell these products to supermarkets and restaurants in batches. The processing of fish balls requires the removal of fish bones, and the efficiency of manual removal of fish bones is very low. Therefore, they urgently need a device that can automatically separate fish meat from fish bones.

The Malaysian customer was very interested in the fish bone remover machine on our homepage while browsing Facebook, so he immediately contacted our factory. The customer inquired in detail about the performance, parameters, and price of the machine. We sent him a lot of working videos of the machine and feedback videos from other customers.

Since this Malaysian customer imported from China for the first time and there is no freight forwarder, we helped him find a freight forwarder with a favorable price and arranged all the shipping matters for him. The customer is very satisfied with our service.

Fish bone remover machine
Fish Bone Remover Machine

How to maintain the fish bone remover machine?

1. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and prolong its service life, pay attention to the maintenance of the fish meat and bone separator machine during use. After using the machine, wipe the bone remover machine clean. And regularly add grease to the drive shaft of the machine, and check the oil level of the reducer, if the oil level is too low, add oil in time.

2. The conveyor belt of fish bone remover machine will become longer or broken after long-term use. At this time, a new conveyor belt needs to be replaced. First, remove the tension and balance crankshaft, then remove the remaining three nylon rod shafts and the conveyor belt power shaft, put the rubber conveyor belt into the machine wall, first install the conveyor belt power shaft, and then install the remaining three nylon rods The shafts are installed sequentially from top to bottom, and finally the tensioning and balancing crankshaft is installed and the tension is adjusted.


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