Commercial electric fish descaling machine for sale

Fish descaling machine
fish descaling machine

Fish is one of the very nutritious meats, and the taste is also very delicious. but. It is really troublesome to remove fish scales. How to remove fish scales in some large fish processing plants? It is necessary to use a fish descaling machine. When using it, the fish that needs to be processed must be placed in the machine. After a few seconds, the scales are removed. Suitable for butcher shops, restaurants, meat processing plants.

What is the best tool to scale fish?

There are many tools for removing fish scales. In some markets, some machines are often used to help remove fish scales. However, some machines may need to be removed manually, which is still very laborious. In addition, some tools will be difficult to remove fish scales. Undermine the integrity of the fish. These beans are not the best tool for descaling.

Fish descaling machine
Fish Descaling Machine

How much is an electric fish descaling machine?

There are many types and models of descalers, and the output that can be processed is also different. They are roughly divided into three types. The smallest type of machine can process 3-8kg/batch per hour, and the large model 3000kg/h each time, generally if A small model of a meat food store can meet the requirements, but a large fish processing plant needs to use a large scale removal machine. The price of the two machines generally can handle the higher the output, the more expensive the price will be. In fact, big machines can produce even greater benefits.

How does electric fish descaling machine work?

To remove fish scales is to remove fish scales with a brush. The advantage of this working principle is that it can ensure the integrity of the fish body after removing the scales, and the appearance is beautiful, and the scale removal machine has a cleaning function. Generally, the fish is simply cleaned after being taken out of the machine. Yes, it is relatively clean, just simply wash it with clean water during processing.

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