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industrial fish scaling machine for sale
industrial fish scaling machine for sale

The electric fish scaler machine can remove scales from all kinds of fish, including dead fish, live fish, small fish, and big fish. Commercial fish descaling machines are often used in large fish processing plants, fish shops, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. due to their high processing efficiency and simple operation. The fish scale removing machine can effectively remove the fish scales and ensure that the fish head, tail, and flesh are not damaged. In order to meet the fish processing needs of different customers, our factory has manufactured four different fish scaling machines for customers to choose from, mainly including small fish scaler machines, large-capacity fish scale removing machines, commercial big fish scaling machines, and rotary fish descaling machines.

Why choose the electric fish scaler machine?

It is not easy to remove the fish scales. If we have to deal with a lot of fish, the conventional manual method of removing the fish scales will waste a lot of time. In addition, manual removal of fish scales can also cause injuries to workers.

Using the automatic fish scale removal machine can not only greatly improve the processing efficiency of fish, but also save labor and time. For all kinds of restaurants, fish shops, and supermarkets, the processing volume of fish is relatively large, and the use of commercial fish scaling machines can also increase profits.

Classifications of Taizy fish scaler machines

Taizy Factory has been engaged in the manufacture and export of fish processing machinery for more than 10 years. At present, we mainly produce 4 different types of fish scaler machines. And these kinds of fish scaling machines can basically meet the needs of all users for fish processing, so our fish scalers are very popular with customers at home and abroad.

descaled fish with the fish scaler machine
descaled fish with the fish scaler machine

Small fish scaler machine

The output of this small fish scaler machine is usually relatively small, and can only handle about 8kg of fish each time. Although the processing volume of the electric fish scaler is small, its removal efficiency is very high, and each batch only takes about 15 seconds.

The small fish scaling machine is all made of stainless steel. The main working area is a stainless steel drum with a layer of emery on the wall. After the fish is put into the machine, it will continue to rotate in the barrel, and constantly rub against the barrel wall, thereby removing the fish scales.

Technical parameter

Model TZ-J2
Capacity 3-8kg/batch
Weight 52kg
Power 1.1kw
Processing speed 15 seconds/batch
Dimension 53*53*73cm

Commercial  big fish scaling machine

This commercial fish scaling machine is the most purchased fish scale removal equipment. This machine usually handles larger fish, the length of the fish that can be processed is between 5cm-36cm, and the weight is 0.5kg-8kg. The processing time of each batch of the fish descaling machine is about 35 seconds, but the time for removing fish scales varies according to different types of fish, fish size, fish freshness, and processing volume.

The working area of ​​the machine is composed of multiple sets of brushes, and the brushes of different hardness can be replaced according to different fish. When the fish scaler machine is working, it needs to be continuously injected with water, and the water can wash off the scraped fish scales. The cleaned fish will be discharged from another outlet.

Technical parameter

Model Dimension Weight Voltage & power Capacity Fish length
TZ-350 800/400/440mm 40kg 220v0.75kw 500g-5kg/35 seconds 5-36cm
TZ-500 1050/550/850mm 110kg 220v2.2kw 500g-15kg/35 seconds 5-36cm
TZ-700 1250/550/850mm 150kg 220v/2.2kw 500g-25kg/35 seconds 5-36cm
TZ-800 1250/650/850mm 190kg 220v/380v/3.0kw/2.2kw 500g-40kg/35 seconds 5-36cm
TZ-1000 1580/550/850mm 250kg 380v/220v/2.2kw/3.0kw 500g-50kg/35 seconds 5-36cm

Large-capacity fish scale removing machine

This large-capacity fish descaler machine is often used in small and medium-sized fish deep-processing factories and large supermarkets. This is because the processing capacity of this fish scale removal equipment is very large, and the general output is between 500kg/h and 2000kg/h.

The fish scale remover machine mainly uses the principle of hair roller friction to remove fish scales. The hardness and material of the wool roller can be replaced and customized. In addition to washing fish, the machine can also be used to clean and peel various fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, taro, etc.

Technical parameter

Model Motor power Production capacity
TZ-800-1 1.1kw 700kg/h
TZ-1000-1 1.5kw 1000kg/h
TZ-1200 1.5kw 1200kg/h
TZ-1500 2.2kw 1500kg/h
TZ-1800 2.2kw 1800kg/h
TZ-2000 3kw 2000kg/h
TZ-2600 4kw 3000kg/h

Rotary fish descaling machine

This kind of rotary fish scaling machine is mainly used to remove scales from all kinds of small fish. This machine adopts the principle of rolling circular groove to remove fish scales. When in use, the fish is put into the round channel steel, and the sharp edges and corners in the round groove are used to peel off the fish scales during the rotation of the round groove, so as to achieve descaling. The fish scaler machine has a good processing effect, does not damage the skin and meat, and has a large output.

Technical parameter

Model TZ-L1000
Capacity 150kg-200kg/batch
Weight 200kg
Power 0.55kw
Dimension 2000*1100*1600mm


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