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Fish fillet slicer machine manufacturer
fish fillet slicer machine manufacturer

Commercial fish fillet machine is mainly used for oblique slices of various types of fish, and slice them into thin slices of uniform thickness, ranging from 1.5mm to 6mm.  This electric fish slicer machine is mainly used for slicing boneless fish, such as salmon, herring, tilapia, etc. The salmon slicer is used for cutting fish slices of different thicknesses. Fish slices processed by a fish fillet machine is usually used to make various dishes, so the commercial fish fillet cutting machine is often used in restaurants, school canteens, staff canteens, fish shops, etc.

Commercial fish fillet machine
commercial fish fillet machine

Why use the fish fillet machine to cut fish slices?

Fish meat is loved by many consumers because of its rich protein, delicious taste, and rich nutrition. The processing of fish meat is not very easy. If you want to make thin fillets, you need more skill. Usually, the manual cutting of fish fillets will cause uneven thickness and worker injuries.

Sliced fish fillets
sliced fish fillets

Using an automatic fish fillet machine can completely avoid these problems, and the processing efficiency is very high, about 280 to 600 slices per minute can be cut, and 150kg-250kg of fish meat can be processed per hour.

Display of the slicing effect of the fish slicer machine

The fish fillet cutting machine can cut fresh fish into thin fillets. Common slice thicknesses are 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, etc. We can customize the maximum cutting thickness of the belt machine according to the raw materials and processing requirements to be processed by the customer.

Fish fillet slicing effect
fish fillet slicing effect

Special cutter design of the fish fillet machine

The cutter of the electric fish slicer machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is very durable. Moreover, the cutter of this machine is a set of specially designed blades, mainly divided into an upper blade group and a lower blade group (inclined blade). When the machine is working, the upper knife group will continue to move left and right to cut the fish. The lower knife group moves upward to show the cut fish fillets.

Fish slicer cutter structure
fish slicer cutter structure

Process of processing fish fillets

  1. First, the fresh fish used for processing must be cleaned and scaled off. Then open the belly of the fish, remove the internal organs of the fish, and clean it.
  2. Cut off the fish’s head and tail. Because the fish’s head and tail have more bones, they cannot be sliced.
  3. Cut the fresh fish from which the head and tail have been cut off in half. And remove the fish bones of fish species.
  4. Put the fish bones removed into the tray. Then feed the tray into the feed opening of the fish fillet machine, pull out the tray, and spread the fish on the blade.
  5. Start the machine, slice the fish, and then use the tray to take out the sliced ​​fish. We can see that the thickness of the fish slices is uniform.
Fish fillet processing
fish fillet processing

Main features of the fish fillet slicer machine

  1. This automatic fish fillet cutting machine simulates the principle of manual slicing and uses a gearbox to automatically cut the fish into thin slices.
  2. The driving mode of the machine is simple, easy to operate, safe, and reliable. The blade is easy to remove and wash. The cutting knife of the machine adopts a fixed method, which can make the cut surface of the fish fillet smooth and smooth. The fish slicer machine is suitable for diagonally cutting salmon, squid, etc., or diagonally cutting pork liver, tripe, etc.
  3. The fish fillet machine is suitable for slicing fish of various sizes with high production efficiency and can replace the work of 10 workers. The machine can be operated by only one person when in use.

Fish meat slicer machine video

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