200kg/h salmon slicer machine shipped to Japan

Salmon slicer machine shipped to japan
salmon slicer machine shipped to Japan

The automatic salmon slicer can slice boneless salmon meat, which can replace the work of at least 5 people. Our factory is a manufacturer and supplier specializing in the production of fish fillet cutting machines.

Now we have exported more than 150 fish slicer machines to many countries, such as Norway, Japan, Britain, the United States, Chile, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. Recently, we once again exported a salmon slicer machine with a processing capacity of 200kg/h to Japan.

Working video of the salmon slicer machine

How to cut salmon fillets?

Hand-cut salmon fillets

1. Burn the cutting board and knife with medical alcohol for disinfection. Take the salmon out of the refrigerator, place it on a cutting board, and remove the salmon skin with a knife.

2. Gently stroke the vertical section of the peeled salmon with your hand. If there is a fishbone, you will feel it easily. At this time, you need to gently pull out the fishbone with tweezers.

3. Generally, we eat salmon sashimi or Japanese cuisine in a hotel outside. The salmon fillets will not be cut too thick, but we can cut the fish fillets thicker when making salmon fillets at home.

Machine-cut salmon slices

Before using the salmon slicing machine to cut fish fillets, we also need to remove the scales, viscera, and fish heads and tails of the salmon. Then remove the salmon bones. Finally, we place the clean salmon meat in a fish fillet machine for slicing. We can adjust the inclination of the slicer blade to change the thickness of the fillet.

Salmon slicing with the fish fillet machine
salmon slicing with the fish fillet machine

Salmon slicer machine structure

The salmon slicer is the commercial fish fillet machine produced by our factory. This multifunctional fish slicing machine can cut different sizes, different weights, and different kinds of fish into fish fillets of uniform thickness. The main structure of the salmon slicing machine includes frame, housing, motor, and cutting system. The cutting system is a specially designed cross knife set. The fish can be cut diagonally at different angles.

Structure of the salmon slicer machine
structure of the salmon slicer machine

Details of the Japanese order of salmon slicer machine

Japan is a country that consumes a lot of salmon. Therefore, many restaurants often need to slice salmon. The Japanese customer has his own Japanese food shop in Yokohama, Japan, offering many salmon dishes. Due to the low efficiency of manually processing salmon fillets, the Japanese customer decided to purchase an automatic salmon slicer instead of manual slices.

According to the customer’s production needs, we recommended a salmon slicer with a capacity of 200kg/h, which can process about 300 slices per minute. The customer was very satisfied with our recommendation and paid the deposit soon.

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