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fish gutting machine for sale

The automatic fish gutting machine is mainly used to split the fresh live fish or dead fish and remove the fish viscera quickly. This commercial fish offals remover machine is commonly used in various fish shops, restaurants, and fish processing plants. 

When this fish gutting machine removes fish offals, it will not cause damage to the fish head, tail, and flesh of the fish, it can replace the work of artificial fish-killing, and the processing efficiency is very high. The fish deep-processing equipment in our factory mainly has the functions of removing the fish viscera and splitting the fish automatically.

How to remove fish viscera?

When making fish-related dishes, we often need to process raw fish first. We need to remove the fish scales, cut the fish maw, clean the internal organs, and then cut the fish into sections or slices. So what methods can we usually use to quickly remove the viscera of fish?

fish splitting and gutting
fish splitting and gutting

We may usually use the method of manually removing the internal organs of the fish. However, the manual method of handling fish is usually dangerous and the processing efficiency is very low.

In many restaurants, workers are often injured when handling fish scales and fish innards. When processing a large amount of fish, we can adopt a mechanized method, that is, use a commercial fish scaler machine and fish gutting machine to quickly remove fish scales and fish offals.

Taizy fish gutting machine classifications

The fish gutting machines manufactured and exported by our factory are made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and easy to operate and maintain. The fish gutting machine in our factory is mainly divided into three types, namely, fish scaling and gutting machine, small fish gutting machine, and fish splitting machine.

fish offal remover machine's details
fish offal remover machine’s details

Type 1  Fish scaling and gutting machine

This electric fish scaling and gutting machine is multi-functional, and it is very suitable for all kinds of restaurants and fish shops. The machine can remove fish scales cleanly, does not damage the skin and fins, keeps the fish’s appearance beautiful, and does not affect the cooking effect of the fish.

In addition, while removing fish scales, fish maw can be opened and fish viscera can be removed. The fish scaling and gutting machine will automatically spray water when opening the belly of the fish to flush the belly of the fish.

Technical parameter

NameDimensionWeightVoltage & powerCapacityFish weight
Automatic fish scaling and gutting machine1030*630*1100mm130kg220v/2.3kw8-10seconds/pcs500g-2.5kg
multi-functional fish scaling and gutting machine

This versatile fish gutting machine can process a fish in 8-10 seconds. The dimensions of the machine are 1030x630x1100mm. If you need this machine, welcome to contact us.

Type 2 Small fish gutting machine

This fish gutting machine is a small size and is very suitable for use in restaurants and fish shops. It is used to cut live or dead fish in half or to clean fish innards. When using the machine, the user needs to manually put the fish into the vertical entrance on the top of the machine. It can be determined whether the cut of the fish body is fish back or fish belly according to different placement directions.

In addition, we can also change the depth of cutting fish by rotating the adjustment valve of the knife-edge position. In the process of cutting fish or removing fish viscera, the machine can continuously pass water to rinse the fish.

Technical parameter

NameDimensionWeightVoltage & powerCapacityFish weight
Small fish gutting machine800*520*890mm100kg220v,1.5kw3kg/h500g-3kg
Small fish processing machine

Do you need a small fish gutting machine to help you? At Taizy Food Machinery, our small fish gutting machine can help you gut fish quickly.

Type 3 Automatic fish splitting machine

This fast fish splitting machine is only used to cut all kinds of fish in half and does not have the function of removing fish scales and cleaning fish viscera. This horizontal fish cutting machine is mainly composed of a cutting system and a conveying system. The conveying system is a conveyor belt made of PE material, which can automatically convey the fish to the cutting system of the machine.

Then the vertical cutter of this fish splitting machine can quickly cut the fish. We can change the position of the fish cut by changing the position of the fish, or adjust the cutting depth of the fish by adjusting the position of the cutting knife.

Technical parameter

NameDimensionWeightVoltage & powerCapacityFish weight
fish splitting machine1850*520*890mm120kg380v/1.5kw1200kg/h500g-3kg
fish splitting machine for sale

The large commercial fish splitting machine can process 1200kg of fish in 1 hour. This machine is a good choice for seafood processing plants and food processing factories.

The main features of the fish gutting machine

  1. The fish gutting machine is made of stainless steel, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and meets food hygiene standards.
  2. The fish splitting machine can process fish in a semi-thawed or thawed state, and can maintain its freshness; the blade of the machine can be adjusted according to the type of fish to ensure high yield.
  3. The machine is simple to operate, easy to clean, safe, and reliable, and has stable performance.
  4. The fish gutting machine has high production efficiency and large output. The processing effect is good, the cleaning is clean, and there is no damage to the fish’s body.
  5. Our factory can customize the size and specifications of fish processing machinery according to the specific needs of customers.