How to use and maintain the fish viscera remover machine?

Various fish gutting splitting machines
various fish gutting splitting machines

The fish viscera remover machine is a common equipment for deep processing of fish, which can remove the fish viscera without damaging the overall shape of the fish. Only by correctly using and maintaining the commercial fish viscera removing machine can fish processors prolong the service life of the machine and increase production efficiency. So, how do we use and maintain fish viscera remover machine?

The workflow of fish viscera remover machine

The workflow of fish viscera remover machine can be roughly divided into four major steps: 1. Remove the scales of the fish body, 2. Open the fish belly, and 3. Dig out the internal organs of the fish, 4. Clean the fish body.

If the above 4 steps are manually operated, it will take several minutes and the speed will be slow. In addition, workers’ hands are easily injured in winter, and in summer they have to tolerate the stench of fish.

Fish offal removing
Fish Offal Removing

The fish viscera remover machine integrates the functions of removing scales, opening fish belly, removing internal organs, and cleaning fish bodies. It can process silver carp, bream, grass carp, herring, carp, salmon, tilapia, bass, and other fish.

Usage and maintenance of the fish viscera remover machine

1. Please read the instructions carefully before using the fish gutting machine and operate strictly in accordance with the instructions.

2. The power lead should use copper wire not less than 2.5 square meters, and a leakage protection socket should be installed.

3. The fish viscera removing machine is strictly prohibited from idling for a long time.

4. Check all parts of the machine for abnormalities before starting up. If problems are found, they should be dealt with in time to avoid serious accidents.

Fish viscera remover machine for sale
Fish Viscera Remover Machine For Sale

5. When the fish offal removal machine is working, if the sound of the machine is found to be abnormal or has other faults, it needs to be shut down first. It is necessary to cut off the power supply when it is necessary for maintenance, and then continue to use it after troubleshooting.

6. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the feed inlet when the machine is running to avoid danger.

7. The gears and bearings of the machine should be oiled and maintained every 3-4 months. Regular maintenance can improve mechanical performance and extend mechanical life. (Open both sides of the machine cover during maintenance, you can see the internal rotating structure).

8. The power supply part of the machine should be oil-proof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion. The ground wire must be reliably connected in accordance with regulations to prevent electric shock.

9. The inside of the equipment should be rinsed clean after use, placed in a ventilated place to dry, and prevent rust and lubricate.



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