Chicken Automatic Cutting Machine Shipped to Costa Rica

Taizy chicken cutter
taizy chicken cutter

The chicken automatic cutting machine is a practical meat processing machine for cutting all kinds of fresh or frozen meat pieces. You can use it to cut chicken nuggets, beef nuggets, fish nuggets, lamb nuggets, and other meats. Our company’s chicken cube cutting machine is able to adjust the size of chicken nuggets according to customers’ requirements. And it is very efficient.

Chicken automatic cutting machine
chicken automatic cutting machine

In January 2022 a customer from Costa Rica saw our website when he was looking for a chicken food processing machine on Google. Then he sent us an inquiry and said he wanted to know the price of the chicken cutter machine.

Our salesperson Selina contacted the customer soon after receiving the inquiry. The customer said he has a restaurant in Costa Rica that is doing very well. So he needed a chicken automatic cutting machine to increase his productivity. After knowing the customer’s needs, Selina sent him pictures and a video of the machine in action. She also explained to him how to use the machine and how it works. After understanding the customer, he said he was satisfied with our chicken cutting machine. And the price is also within his budget. So the order was placed soon. Then we shipped the machine for the first time. The customer also tried the machine after receiving it and said that the chicken nuggets he cut out were exactly what he wanted.

Chicken cube cutting machine
chicken cube cutting machine

Chicken cutter machine for sale

In Taizy food machinery, we have many models of poultry cutting machines for sale. If you want this chicken automatic cutting machine from us, please feel free to contact us.

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