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Meat cutter
Meat cutter

The automatic chicken cutting machine also named meat cutter, which is the practical meat processing equipment for cutting all kinds of fresh or frozen meat cubes, such as chicken and beef cubes, fish blocks and lamb blocks, and so on. Besides, the meat cubes’ size can be adjusted according to the different requirements of the customers. This electric meat cutter machine is very efficient and is welcomed in many poultry processing fields, especially in the fried meat-making aspect.

Chicken cutting machine description

Meat cutting machine
Meat Cutting Machine

The meat cutting effect of the meat cutter is comparable to that of manual cutting. Its meat cutting device adopts the principle of shifting mechanism and automatic feeding, and the meat cutting efficiency is very high. The main structure of this meat cutting machine includes the frame, conveyor belt, nip rolls, cutting board(PVC), combined cutter and gear part, which is compact and durable.

The automatic chicken cutting machine is suitable for processing such as chicken, duck meat, lamb, small and medium animal bones, ribs, frozen meat, fresh meat, frozen chicken, chicken leg, etc., which can be adjusted according to the need to chop block and segment. In Taizy food machinery, we also have special frozen meat slicer and meat grinder. If you need anything, please feel free to contact us.

Commercial chicken cutting machine working principle

Before using this chicken chopping machine, we should cut the large pieces of meat into smaller strips first, which can meet the cutting conditions of this meat cutter. Then we press the start button and let the machine running. Put the big beef blocks on the cutting board which is set in the conveyor. The conveyor will feed the meat into the cutter for quick cutting evenly. After cutting, the beef cubes will be transported by the conveyor into the storage device.

Main design features of the chicken cutting machine

  1. The knife set of the meat cutting machine is detachable, and all the controls of the cutting part can be detached for cleaning and changed with different cutters. What’s more, this machine can not only cut the fresh meat but also can cut the frozen meat and the meat with bones, which even can cut the whole chicken, duck, goose, and fish.
  2. Flat body design, all stainless steel sealing plate, food hygiene and easy to clean and maintain. The meat cutting thickness adjustment plate design makes it easy to adjust the meat cubes processing thickness. The unique chainplate design eliminates the sliding of the meat pieces as they move and cut. It can be modeled by hand cutting, dicing, forming final meat blocks, well-organized, no waste, and cost-saving.
  3. This beef cutting machine can match with the fryer machine, seasoning machine for making all kinds of delicious food, such as fried chicken nuggets, spiced beef and so on. We can help customers to customize the whole food production line.

Applications of the commercial chicken cutter machine

The automatic meat cutting machine is cost-effective and can save labor. One machine can work for many people and has high production efficiency. Therefore, it can be widely used in large and medium-sized food processing plants, collective canteens, slaughterhouses, meat products processing plants, supermarkets, restaurants and so on.

The meat cutting machine is suitable for processing chicken, duck, various fish and small and medium-sized animal bones, ribs, frozen meat, fresh meat, chicken legs and the like. And according to the needs of customers, the raw materials can be cut into blocks, segments, etc., and the shape and size can be adjusted.

Automatic meat cutting machine use precautions and maintenance

  1. When using the machine, do not put your hand into the cutter to avoid accidental injury.
  2. Unplug the power cord and clean it in time when the machine is used up.
  3. It is recommended to wash the tool with hot alkaline water (the tool can also be removed and cleaned). It is strictly forbidden to rinse directly with the spray pipe.
  4. The bearings of the machine should be replaced once every six months to ensure the service life of the machine.
  5. If there is abnormal sound when the machine is working, stop the machine and check it out before you can continue working.

Electric chicken cutter working video

Technical parameters of the meat cutter

Voltage Weight Output Meat cubes size Dimension
220v(3kw);380v(2.2kw) 250kg 400-500kg/h 15-50mm 1300*600*960mm

The weight of this chicken cutting machine is 250 kg and the output is 400-500 kg per hour. The meat cubes size is 15-50 mm in size. Of course, we provide customized services. So, if you need a chicken cutter, please feel free to contact us.

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