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Frozen meat slicer
Frozen meat slicer

The commercial frozen meat slicer also can be called the meat slicing machine and frozen meat slicer,  which is the very efficient equipment for making meat slices and meat rolls. This kind of meat cutting equipment mainly cuts frozen meat into thin rolls or flakes, usually mutton rolls, chicken rolls, beef rolls, bacon and so on.

We all know that meat slices like mutton or beef rolls and bacon are the common meat products for having a good meal, especially for eating hot pot or barbecue. This frozen meat slicer can make the meat rolls with good shapes and even thickness, and the meat rolls’ thickness can be adjusted manually. In addition, we also have the meat cutting machine for sale.

Meat slicing for frozen mutton
Meat Slicing For Frozen Mutton

Automatic frozen meat slicer machine description

The CNC lamb cutting machine adopts PLC control, which completely solves the problem of the high failure rate of the mechanical slicer. Moreover, it has an infrared-inductive safety protection device, which is very safe to operate, and truly realizes the full automation of meat rolls production. When adjusting the thickness of the slice, it does not need to stop and can be directly adjusted in the numerical control switch according to the required thickness.

Meat slicer machine structure
Meat Slicer Machine Structure

The mutton meat slicer machine can cut 2-8 rolls of mutton or beef at a time and can cut 50-400 kg per hour. The machine’s workbench is made of food-specific organic plastic plates, which can ensure food safety and hygiene. It is the first choice for large-scale hot pot restaurants and large and medium-sized beef and mutton wholesalers.

Main classifications of the frozen meat slicing machine

Electric singleroll frozen meat slicer 

Automatic meat slicing machine for cut single meat slice for each time
Automatic Meat Slicing Machine For Cut Single Meat Slice For Each Time

Technical parameters:

Power Voltage Cutting speed Output Slice thickness Weight Dimension
0.45kw 220v 50-60pieces/h 25-50kg/h 0.2-5mm 50kg 650*350*400mm

CNC two-rolls meat slicing machine

Meat slicer for making two meat rolls in each cutting
Meat Slicer For Making Two Meat Rolls In Each Cutting

Technical parameters:

Power Voltage Cutting speed Output Slice thickness Weight Dimension
1.5kw 220v/380v 50-60pieces/h 100-150kg/h 0.2-20mm 200kg 1100*450*1200mm

CNC four-rolls frozen meat slicers maker

Four-rolls meat flaker machine
Four-Rolls Meat Flaker Machine

Technical parameters:

Power Voltage Cutting speed Output Slice thickness Weight Dimension
1.5kw-3.5kw 220v/380v 50-60pieces/h 250-300kg/h 0.2-20mm 300kg 1450*660*1300mm

CNC eight-rolls frozen meat slicer machine

Eight-rolls frozen meat slicer machine in stock
Eight-Rolls Frozen Meat Slicer Machine In Stock

Technical parameters:

Power Voltage Cutting speed Output Slice thickness Weight Dimension
3.5kw 380v 50-60pieces/h 450-500kg/h 0.2-20mm 400kg 1450*1010*1450mm

Frozen meat slicing machine main features

  1. This meat slicer machine can cut frozen meat into slices or rolls with different thicknesses quickly, which is easy to operate and maintain.
  2. Its intelligent CNC panel uses a combination of buttons and knobs to ensure easy operation and safety.
  3. The machine’s unique feed pusher system allows the material to advance evenly and the slice thickness is uniform.
  4. This meat slicing machine adopts high-quality electrical accessories and has good safety protection performance. Stainless steel case, clean and easy to wipe, seamless welding, solid body and long service life.
    Working effects of meat slicing
    Working Effects Of Meat Slicing
  5. This frozen meat slicer machine can be different models, we can also customize the machine according to customers requirements.
  6. The frozen meat block does not need to be thawed, and can be directly operated on the machine, and can cut out a variety of roll shapes (coarse roll, fine roll, long roll), the shape is neat and beautiful, easy to package with high processing efficiency, safety, and labor-saving.

Electric meat slicing machine operation and maintenance

Frozen meat slices
Frozen Meat Slices
  1. Observe the connection line before use, and must be connected to the ground wire. The machine can be used without any errors to prevent leakage.
  2. When using this meat slicer machine, start the motor first, then put the meat block for cutting.
  3. When cutting meat slices and meat rolls, the meat must be cleaned to prevent damage to the blade.
  4. When the meat slicing machine is not working, clean the stains, water stains and other stains adhering to the product in time. Keeping the machine clean and replacing consumables can extend the life of the machine and make the product more hygienic.

Working video of the mutton rolls slicer machine

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