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Commercial bone grinder crusher machine
commercial bone grinder crusher machine

The commercial bone grinder machine is a high-efficiency crushing equipment for crushing various animal bones into fine bone fragments, bone mud, and bone powder. The bone grinder fineness is between 3-5mm. If combined with a fine bone mud machine, the fineness of bone crushing can reach 180-200 mesh. This bone crusher machine can crush all kinds of dry bones and fresh bones, such as fresh beef bones, pig bones, sheep bones, antlers, chicken bones, donkey bones, fish bones, etc. This bone crushing machine is widely used in the food processing and pet food processing industries. At Taize Food Machinery, we also have the meat grinding machine, meat cutter machine, and other meat processing machinery for sale.

Commercial bone grinder for sale
Commercial Bone Grinder For Sale

Why recycle animal bones with the bone crusher machine?

China produces about 12 million tons of edible animal bones each year, accounting for about 30% of the world’s total. These animal bones are equivalent to 2 million tons of animal protein, which can reach the annual protein demand of 75 million people.

Animal bones for recycling
Animal Bones For Recycling

Animal bones contain nutrients such as protein, lipids, minerals, etc., which have high utility value. But for a long time, a large number of animal bones have not been rationally used. Today, we can use automatic bone grinders to deep-process all kinds of animal bones. The bones can be crushed, ground, and processed into food supplements and animal feed.

Bone grinder’s structure

The industrial bone crusher machine structure is mainly composed of an adjustment system (primary adjustment handwheel, secondary adjustment handwheel, guide hole, screw nut, etc.), crushing system (first and second mobile crushing roller), transmission system (sprocket system, gears, chains, large-diameter gears, idlers, etc.), motors, a raw material inlet, and an outlet.

The tool holder of this animal bone crushing machine has been optimized to disperse the force of the cutters and improve the shearing force and impact resistance of a single blade. In addition, the front blade design of the machine can increase the cutting angle of the blade, improve the bone crushing effect, and make the animal bones crush more uniformly.

Working principle of the bone crusher machine

The electric bone crusher machine is the relative movement of stators and rotors with different geometric shapes under high-speed rotation, and the animal bones are broken through high-frequency vibration of shearing and grinding.

The crushing chamber of the machine is equipped with three grinding areas, the first level is the coarse grinding area, the second level is the fine grinding area, and the third level is the ultra-fine grinding area. By adjusting the gap between the stator and the rotor, the required crushing effect can be effectively achieved at one time (also can be recycled).

Application of bone grinder
Application Of Bone Grinder

Animal bone grinder’s technical parameter

Model Capacity(kg) Feeding size(mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
TZ-B150 20-60 150*200 2.2 130 800*500*1000
TZ-B230 30-100 250*210 4 280 950*690*1200
TZ-B300 80-200 300*210 5.5 340 1000*700*1300
TZ-B400 150-400 380*250 7.5 420 1000*850*1400
TZ-B500 200-600 500*250 11 600 1200*1000*1500
TZ-B600 300-900 600*320 15 800 1650*1200*1700
TZ-B800 800-2200 600*650 22 2000 2400*1500*2400

Applications of the commercial bone grinder crusher machine

The bone crusher machine can be used in conjunction with the conveyor belt and adopts automatic feeding, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency. The bone grinding machine has a low-temperature rise during the working process, which can make the processed product bright and bright without damaging its fiber structure.

The bone paste and bone meal processed by the machine can be used to produce meatballs, fish balls, canned food, sausages, ham sausages, dumplings, etc. The products are made by grinding animal bones into meat paste and adding them to foods. They are delicious, bright in color, and rich in meat flavor, and can make full use of the calcium in the bones. In addition, the animal bone crushing machine can also be used for animal feed and pet food processing.

How to maintain the animal bone crushing machine?

  1. The motor of the machine should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure the heat dissipation of the motor during operation and prolong the service life of the motor.
  2. Regularly check the knives and bolts of the machine. After using the bone crusher for some time, special tools should be used to tighten the blades and bolts of the machine to strengthen the fixation between the blade and the knife holder.
  3. Grease should be added to the bearings of the machine every 20 days to ensure the lubricity between the rolling bearings of the bone grinder.
  4. To ensure the sharpness of the cutting tool of the machine, the user should regularly check the blades according to the usage conditions, and replace the dull and damaged blades. When changing the tool, keep the gap between the knife and the knife between 0.5-0.8mm.
  5. Regularly check whether the belt of the bone crusher machine is loose. If the belt is slack, loosen the fixing bolts of the motor and use a tool to move the motor outwards until the belt is tightened.

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