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Palm kernel crusher
palm kernel crusher

The palm kernel crusher can replace the labor crushing of the palm kernels. It is the common pretreating machine for palm fruit in the palm oil production line. This palm kernel crushing machine is mainly to crush the palm fruit into small pieces to increase the palm fruit oil yield of the palm oil extracting machine. And the finer the palm kernel is broken, the higher the oil yield of the palm.

Palm fruits processing equipment
Palm Fruits Processing Equipment

Why crush the palm fruit with this palm kernel crusher?

Palm fruit is also known as oil palm fruit. Palm fruit is generally grown on large fruit bunches of palm trees. Each fruit bunch has about 2,000 palm fruits, and palm fruit can extract palm oil. The outer layer of palm fruit is flesh, containing 45% to 50% oil, with a hard brown nucleus and kernels. Palm kernel oil can be obtained from palm kernel. Palm fruit always can be harvested manually and sold as fruit, and it can also be further processed for making palm oil.

Before making the palm oil, the palm kernel should be crushed first. The purpose of palm kernel crushing is to destroy oil cell tissue, so that palm oil can be produced more smoothly. After being crushed, the palm kernel has an increased surface area, and it is easy to absorb heat and regulate moisture when heated, and the protein is easily aggregated and swelled to destroy the cell membrane. The oil in the cells is easily separated after the colloid is destroyed. Palm kernel crushing is an important process in the extraction of palm oil.

The main structure of the palm fruit cracking machine

Palm kernels generally need to be broken two times. The first break: Because the palm core is relatively large and relatively hard, in order to better improve the oil yield, it needs to be broken first. Secondary crushing: It is mainly to break the palm kernel into small pieces to facilitate oil production.

The palm kernel crusher uses hammer crushing to pulverize palm kernels. The main structure of this machine is a drum in the middle of the machine, followed by 42 active cymbals on the drum. The hammer is made of rectangular flat steel and is connected to the drum by means of a connecting rod. These crushing devices are divided into 6 groups, and 7 pieces for each group. A sieve plate is arranged under the casing, and the size of the mesh hole can be selected according to the crushing requirements. According to our production experience, the sieve diameter of the machine is 4~4.5 mm, and the rotating speed of the drum is about 2200-2500 rpm.

Palm oil processing machines
Palm Oil Processing Machines

How does the palm kernel crushing machine work?

The palm kernel crusher can be operated by one person only, but the palm kernel to be crushed should be transported to the crusher (or conveyed by a conveyor) before crushing. In operation, first, turn on the motor switch of the machine. After the pulverizer is running normally, start adding materials to the hopper.

Adjust the feed amount at the feed port to keep the feed amount uniform. After the palm fruit enters the machine from the nozzle, it is crushed by the hammering of the high-speed rotating hammer. The fine palm kernel granules are screened out through the mesh, while the larger palm kernels that pass through the mesh are still smashed in the machine.

Palm fruits
Palm Fruits

Main features of the palm kernel crusher machine

  1. The screen mesh of this palm kernel crusher can be changed with different specifications to meet different requirements for the palm kernel crushing effect.
  2. This palm kernel crusher is well-designed with a compact structure so that it is space-saving and cost-saving for many users. Besides, we can customize the crusher machine with different working capacities.
  3. We set the motor with a good brand in this palm kernel crusher and make this machine with high-quality carbon steel so that can ensure its long service life.
    Palm kernel for crushing
    Palm Kernel For Crushing

Technical parameters of palm kernel shredder

Type TZ-36
Output 300kg/h
Power 5.5kw
Rotating speed 850-1000rpm
Weight 130kg
Dimension 1100*500*1250mm
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