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Small deep fryer machine
small deep fryer machine

The Deep Fryer is the practical batch food frying machine, that is the common home frying machine for making potato chips, french fries, fried drumsticks, and chicken rows, fried fish, fried dough twists and other fried products. This small deep fryer can be designed with both the electric heating and liquefied petroleum gas heating for frying all kinds of food. And the amount of the frying pots in this frying equipment can be customized according to different customer requirements for their actual frying yields.

What can be fried by french fries frying machine?

What is fried food? The common fried foods are made by the special cooking method that soaks food in high-temperature cooking oil. Deep frying is usually done in a dedicated fryer machine. There are many types of deep fryers on the market, mainly divided into commercial fryers and household fryers.

Usually, put the edible oil in the frying pan and heat it to 140-190 degrees Celsius, then put the ingredients into the fryer to heat up, while evaporating the moisture on the surface of the material to make it brittle and golden brown or light brown.

French fries frying
French Fries Frying

The common fried foods in our daily life: potato chips, french fries, donuts, fried drumsticks and chicken rows, Churro, fried dough twists, mozzarella sticks, deep-fried pizza, toasted ravioli, breaded cutlet, jalebi, fried fish, fried meatballs, fried spring rolls, fried dough sticks, fried bread and so on.

Main structure of the commercial frying machine

This potato chips batch fryer machine is commonly designed with the rectangular shape, we can also design this fryer with the round shape. As for the heating method, both electricity and liquefied petroleum gas can be chosen. The main part of the deep fryers is the double-layers structure which is composed of the outer frame and the inner filter structure.

And the filter structure is movable for easy fried food deoiling and cooling. At the bottom of the filter structure, there are the heating pipes which is made of stainless steel. Outside the outer frame of the fryer machine, there is the oil outlet and the electric control cabinet.

Electric frying machine

Gas-heating fryer machine

How to use a deep fryer?

Pour the edible oil into this small frying machine with a proper amount, which is decided by the materials you want to fry ( better lower than the edge of the oil filter frame). Then open the heating switch to heat up the oil. When the temperature reaches about 150℃, put the potato chips or chicken rows into the frying pot and fry them for several minutes. When the materials are turning yellow color, that means the frying will be finished. Next, turn off the switch and lift up the oil filter frame for removing the excessive oil and cooling the fried food.

Besides, this electric fryer equipment has another important function: food blanching. It can be widely used for blanching and frying the potato chips or potato strips in the potato chips production line. Therefore, this deep fryer is the multi-functional potato chips processing machine.

Main application advantages of the potato chips fryer machine

  1. This electric frying machine adopts the method of heating the oil from the upper part to control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layers, effectively alleviating the oxidation degree of the frying oil, restraining the increase of the acid value, thereby prolonging the service life of the frying oil.
  2. The oil-water mixed structure in this home fryer machine is used to automatically filter the residue so that the food residue generated during the fried food process can be completely bottomed and can be completely drained, and the oil change period is extended to greatly reduce the oil cost.
  3. The whole frying machine adopts food-grade stainless steel material, which is exquisite and durable. The fryer uses an intelligent digital display thermostat with over-temperature protection. According to different requirements for the frying yields, we can customize this fryer equipment with multiple frying pots.
  4. Small deep fryer machine is suitable for fried pork, fried chicken wings, fast food restaurants, canteens, chain stores, supermarkets; medium and small fried food processing enterprises, which can be widely used in the frying of meat, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta, and other foods.
    Deep fried food
    Deep-Fried Food

Technical parameters of the electric deep fryer

Model Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Output(kg/h) Frying pot amount
TZ-500 700*700*950 70 50 1
TZ-1000 1200*700*950 100 100 2
TZ-1500 1700*700*950 160 150 3
TZ-2000 2200*700*950 180 200 4
TZ-3000 3300*1100*1300 400 300 6

Technical parameters of the liquefied gas deep frying machine

Model Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Amount of gas consumption(kcal/h) Output(kg/h)
TZ-1000 1500*800*1000 320 100 100kg/h
TZ-1500 1900*800*1000 400 150 150kg/h
TZ-2000 2200*800*1000 700 200 200kg/h
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