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Vegetable Dicing Machine | Onion & Tomato Dicer Machine

vegetable dicer
vegetable dicer

Vegetable dicing machine is the practical dicer machine that can be widely used for the dicing of all kinds of vegetables and fruits. This fruit dicer machine is especially suitable for being applied in various food processing plants, restaurants, the school canteens and so on. All kinds of vegetables and fruits can be cut by this electric dicing machine, such as radishes, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, etc. The fruit and vegetable cubes made from this tomato dicer have even size and can be widely used in food processing.

What is the vegetable dicing machine?

Taizy vegetable dicer for sale
Taizy vegetable dicer

This commercial fruit dicing machine is a special cutting machine for making vegetable and fruit cubes. The vegetable dicing machine is suitable for the processing of soft foods and food pickles in dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen vegetable processing plants, various restaurant foods, etc. It can process various root and stem vegetables and fruits into cubes and cuboid shapes with high efficiency.

Raw materials for dicing with the vegetable dicer

The vegetable dicer machine is a multi-functional cutting machine for making vegetable cubes, so that nearly all the vegetables and fruits can be diced and sliced by this onion dicer machine, such as carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, pickles, bitter gourd, ginger, radishes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, green peppers, pumpkins, melons, apples, pears, mangoes, pineapples, hams, etc.

Vegetable Fruit Dicer Machine main structure

With a compact structure, this automatic vegetable dicing machine can dice the raw materials like carrots and tomatoes into cubes quickly. This machine mainly has the base, the shell, the dial, the vertical knife, the silk knife body, the horizontal cutting knife body, the transmission system, and the electrical control system composition. All the constituent parts in this dicing machine are made of stainless steel which can make sure the food quality.

Vegetable dicing machine working principle

When we use this best vegetable dicer, we should put it through the power supply first. Then we put the materials into the inlet, we can see that the onions or carrots will be diced just within several seconds. When this machine works, the machine internal dial drives the cutting object to rotate at high speed. It uses the object centrifugal force, with the help of a vertical knife will be cut into pieces. Then cut into strips through the disc cutter, and feed the cut material into the cross-cutting knife-edge, by the cross-cutting knife cut into the required cube or cuboid.

As for making vegetable and fruit cubes, we always should put a container for collecting the final products, or we can set the conveyor for transporting the cubes and further processing these products. When using this vegetable dicer for large scale production of vegetable and fruit cubes in some food processing plants, we also should set other supporting machines like the washing machine and dryer machine for automatic and mass production.

Commercial vegetable dicing machine use instructions

  • First of all, the material to be cut should be washed and removed impurities. If the material to be cut is mixed with sand and mud, the blade edge and the blade are easily damaged and blunt. The maximum cutting diameter of the material should not exceed 80mm. If it is larger than this diameter, it must be cut into small pieces first.
  • When the dicer machine is working, the switch should be closed, the housing door should be closed, and the safety switch should be pressed. When the housing door is closed, the switch cannot be pressed, the line is blocked, and the motor cannot be operated.
  • The material to be cut is put into the shell from the hopper. Under the action of the dial plate, the material is cut into the required thickness by a vertical knife, then cut into strips by a circular wire cutter, and finally cut into squares by a horizontal cutting knife.
  • The adjustment of the vegetable dicing machine specification is changed by adjusting the slice thickness and replacing the disc cutter and the cross cutter.

Main features of the vegetable dicer for sale

  1. This fruit and vegetable dicing machine adopts composite cutter, cutting surface is smooth and cutting rate is high.
  2. This fruit dicer machine is of advanced design, easy operation, low energy consumption, high efficiency.
  3. The aluminum-magnesium alloy and stainless steel materials, beautiful, conform to the hygiene standards.
  4. The vegetable dicing specification: this dicer machine can cut the 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15 mm cubes or volume, and according to requirements of the size, it can also be customized.

 Vegetable dicing machine working video

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