Vegetable and Fruit Washing Machine

fruit and vegetable washing machine

The vegetable and fruit washing machine also named bubble washer, which is a new-designed washing machine for commercial usage of the food processing aspect. Nearly all the fruits, vegetables, meats, and aquatic products can be washed by this bubble type vegetable and fruit washing machine. Most of our customers bought this fruit and vegetable cleaner for their food processing business on a medium scale or large scale.

Wide applications of the fruit and vegetable washing machine

This bubble cleaning machine can wash many kinds of food with high efficiency and a low breakage rate.

Fruits: apple, strawberry, date(jujube), peach, pear, cherry, carambola, mango, cherry tomato, blueberry, grape, and so on.

Vegetables: including stem and root vegetable, leaf vegetable and fruit vegetable, such as radish, potato, carrot, ginger, lotus root, taro, bamboo shoot, cabbage, spinach, tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, edamame, etc

Meats and aquatic products: chicken leg and claw, fish, shrimp, seaweed, kelp, seashell, and so on.

bubble cleaning applications
Bubble cleaning applications

Vegetable washing machine compact structure

The Taizy bubble cleaning machine adopts advanced water treatment technology to recycle the cleaning water and save 80% water for fruits and vegetables cleaning. This bubble type fruit cleaning machine is composed of motors, sink, vortex booster, mesh, belt conveyor, filter tank, water pipes and nozzles, electronic cabinet controller and other small parts.

All these parts are made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel so that no matter how long you use this cleaner, it will not rust. This vegetable and fruit washing machine has many legs, each of which can be easily adjusted up and down to suit different working conditions.

How do an automatic vegetable and fruit washing machine work?

When using the vegetable and fruit washing machine, we should first add water to the sink and add water to two-thirds of the tank’s volume. Then we open the power button of the electronic cabinet and the vortex booster and we will see that a lot of bubbles are generated in the sink. At this time, we start to put the fruits or vegetables into the sink.

The materials will go forward under the stream force and be transported by the conveyor. The nozzles on the water pipes can also be adjusted into different directions flexibly to increase the cleaning efficiency. The transmission speed of the conveyor also can be adjusted for deep cleaning of the materials which are not easy to clean comprehensively.

Bubble type fruit and vegetable washer working principle

Bubble cleaning machine adopts high-pressure water flow and bubble generation device to impact the surface of the object to be cleaned. The energy generated by the rupture of the bubble when the bubble in contact with the object can clean and will have an impact and scrub effect to the surface of the object, and continue to scrub the surface of the object to be cleaned again and again. The principle of the bubble shock wave can wash the surface of vegetables and fruits, improve the working efficiency of more than 50%, effectively kill harmful bacteria, decompose residual pesticides.

The vegetable and fruit washing machine is equipped with partition board, which can effectively separate the cleaning material from the sediment under the washing, reduce the turbidity of water, greatly improve the recycling utilization rate of cleaning water. High-pressure water flow makes the material in a tumbling state, which has the effect of removing agricultural residues on the surface of the product. Floating objects in the vegetable washing machine can overflow from the overflow tank and precipitates can be discharged from the mouth to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Vegetable cleaning machines common collocations in the food processing line

  1. Fruits and vegetable cleaning and drying processing line: this line mainly includes the bubble washing machine(Brush cleaning and peeling machine) and the air dryer machine. If the materials are leaf vegetables, we can just wash them and then dry them. If the materials are the root vegetables that need to peel, we can use the cleaning and peeling machine and then use the dryer machine.
  2. Fried food production line: This processing line is relatively complex because different customers have different frying methods. But at the early stage for fried food making, we can also use this cleaning machine to remove the dirt and residues from the surface of the raw materials on a large scale.

Main advantages of the vegetable washer machine

The fruit and vegetable washing machine is very practical and has a wide application in many aspects, such as the restaurants, food festivals, potato chip production and so on. Its cleaning degree is high, can maintain the original color and luster of fruits, vegetables, meats, and aquatic products.

This bubble type vegetable and fruit washing machine is necessary equipment for vegetable distribution and processing industry. This vegetables and fruits washer is made of stainless steel so that it is durable and can be used for a long time, and the raw materials will not be damaged, so as to achieve a good cleaning effect as well as a manual cleaning method, but this vegetable and fruit washing machine’s work efficiency is three times that of manual cleaning.

General features of vegetable cleaning machine

  1. Save time and manpower, save water, and clean the object more than three times as clean as manual conventional washing method.
  2. Do not damage vegetables, high efficiency, small occupation area, stable and reliable equipment performance.
  3. Simple installation, convenient maintenance, and low energy consumption.
  4. Clean and hygienic, convenient and safe operation, smooth operation and long service life.
  5. With different models, customers can choose the most suitable one according to their processing requirements.
  6. If the customer needs it, we even can customize the length or size of this vegetable and fruit washing machine.

Bubble type fruit washing machine technical parameters:

Model Motor power(kw) Production capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)
TZ-2500 3.75 500 180 2500*1000*1300
TZ-4000 4.1 800 400 4000*1200*1300
TZ-5000 5.1 1500 500 5000*1200*1300
TZ-6000 5.5 2000 600 6000*1200*1300

Bubble type washing machine working video

[sc_fs_faq html=”false” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is the best way to wash vegetables?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]We all know that to wash all kinds of vegetables and fruits is not an easy thing, although we can wash these materials by hand and wash them more times. The cleaning effect may not so good. This bubble type vegetable washing machine is very efficient for mass washing at one time of the vegetables and fruits.[/sc_fs_faq]

[sc_fs_faq html=”false” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”How do you remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]The automatic vegetable washing machine can wash the vegetables and fruits through twice cleaning. The first washing is through the bubble tumbling in the water to remove the mud, pesticides and other wastes. The second washing is through the high-pressure spray for removing the hair, sand and so on.[/sc_fs_faq]

[sc_fs_faq html=”false” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What should be paid attention to when washing vegetables?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]1. The leafy vegetables and bulbous vegetables should not be put together for cleaning in this vegetable and fruit washing machine. 2. When adding the water in this bubbler washer, do not add too much water for cleaning. The water amount should be less than two-thirds of its volume. 3. After washing, we should clean the residues in time and let the wastewater out of this vegetable washing machine.[/sc_fs_faq]