What Should You Notice When Buying a Commercial Juicer Machine?

Screw juicer machine
screw juicer machine

Commercial juicer machine is the production machine of pure natural green drinks. The juice extracted by this machine is the pure original juice that is freshly squeezed. One of its major features is that the juice does not contain any artificial preservatives, stabilizers, colors, flavors, water, etc. It is fundamentally different from the existing juice concentrates, canned, bottled, soft packaged, powdered, and granulated water-based juices available in the market. Therefore, more and more people want to get into the business of juicing.

Fresh fruit juice from the electric fruit juicer
fresh fruit juice from the electric fruit juicer

How to choose a high-quality commercial juicer machine?

The three elements of commercial juicer machine selection are feed, liquid, and residue. When the heavy-duty screw juicer machine is working people see only the liquid discharge, followed by the feed, and most of them do not see the slag discharge. The juicing process is a scene that many people like to see because it’s fun to see a lot of juice being squeezed out. But the key to choosing a heavy-duty juicer is to see the dregs. Because out of the liquid is what any press can do. Most presses are prone to slippage and return of material due to the feed end, resulting in a very slow discharge of slag. If you hear a strange noise from the liquid discharge screen, you should stop using it immediately. Because such a screen will not take long to need a new one. These later maintenance costs are great.

And Taizy’s best commercial juicer extractor avoids all the above-mentioned drawbacks. The juicer and its supporting crusher, vibrating filter, fiber filter, static filter, and other equipment can meet your process requirements. We will also provide you with an entire solid-liquid separation solution based on the material characteristics and process requirements, not a single press.

Screw press juicer machine
screw press juicer machine

Advantages of Taizy commercial juice extractor

The fruit juicer for commercial use is reasonably designed, both the appearance and internal structure are advanced, and all original parts in contact with the juice are made of stainless steel. Therefore it is absolutely safe for consumption. The machine is compact and reasonable in structure, small in size, and light in weight.

Screw press juicer machine factory stock
screw press juicer machine factory stock

Application scope of the large juicer machine

The commercial juicer machine is suitable for small drink stores, fruit stores, restaurants, hotels, bars, card halls, tea shows, coffee houses, etc. It is quite versatile.

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