Which fruits are better for juicing with great tastes?

Watermelon juice made by the fruit pulping machine
watermelon juice made by the fruit pulping machine

There are many kinds of fruits, and the nutrients are very rich, suitable for all ages and all kinds of people. Fresh fruits can be eaten raw. Juicing with an electric fruit juicer machine is also very nutritious and healthy. So, which fruits are suitable for juice extraction in life?

Recommend several fruits that are great for juicing with fruit juicer

Dragon Fruit: Compared with white heart dragon fruit, red heart dragon fruit has better taste and color. And dragon fruit is easy to peel and cut into pieces, which is very suitable for juice extraction, saving time and worry.

Different kinds of fruit juices made by electric juicer machine
Different Kinds Of Fruit Juices Made By Electric Juicer Machine

Bananas: follow the quick and easy way for fruit juice. Banana is also one of the fruits that are easy to peel and convenient to cut. It can be squeezed by the fresh fruits pulper machine with pure milk, and the juice will be very sweet.

Apples: Peeling apples is not that convenient, but it has high nutritional value and sufficient fruit aroma. Therefore, apples are also regarded as one of the must-press fruits. People of all ages like apple juice.

Mango: Although the aroma of ripe mango is more intense. But if you want to squeeze mango juice, don’t choose too ripe mango. Because the pulp of mango is more difficult to remove and it is not easy to clean up. The mango juice squeezed with a commercial mango juicer machine has a strong aroma and is very popular in the market.

Electri fruit juicer machine
Electri Fruit Juicer Machine

Oranges: The orange juice we drink the most from small to large should be sweet and delicious. After drinking orange juice, my mood seemed to be beautiful. However, you must remember to remove the seeds from the orange juice, otherwise the taste will be very bitter.

Watermelon: Watermelon basically has no worries about peeling. Use seedless watermelon without seeding. If you want to make the squeezed watermelon juice taste sweeter, you can choose seeded watermelon and squeeze the juice after removing the seeds.

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