Two vegetable and fruit slicers exported to the United States

American onion slicers were shipped
American onion slicers were shipped

Last week, our factory once again exported two electric vegetable and fruit slicers to the United States. Although vegetable and fruit slicing is easy to operate, when processing vegetables and fruits in large quantities in restaurants and food processing plants, manual vegetable cutting will be time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the production efficiency will be very low. Now, an automatic vegetable and fruit slicer can help you save 2-3 workers, which can greatly improve the efficiency of vegetable cutting.

Main features of Taizy vegetable and fruits slicers

In our factory, there are many machines for vegetable and fruit slicing and dicing, such as commercial multi-function vegetable cutter, quick dicing machine, and vegetable, and fruit slicing machine.

Vegetable and fruit slicers packaging
Vegetable And Fruit Slicers Packaging

The multifunctional vegetable cutter is very suitable for large and medium-sized food processing plants and restaurants, because of its wide range of applications and very high processing efficiency. The small vegetable and fruit slicer is more suitable for individual merchants and small and medium-sized food factories to slice all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

This vegetable and fruit slicing machine is a down-pressing slicing machine. When working, it is necessary to manually feed the root vegetables and fruits into the feed port of the machine, and press the vegetables and fruits downward for rapid slicing.

Why did the American customer buy our vegetable and fruits slicer?

The American customer previously imported a French fries production line from China, with an output of 200kg/h per hour. His french fries processing factory mainly produces frozen french fries and then sells the processed frozen french fries to local supermarkets and fast-food restaurants.

Taizy fruit slicer machine for sale
Taizy Fruit Slicer Machine For Sale

Because fried onion rings are also very popular in the United States, the customer wanted to expand his business to produce fried onion rings. The equipment for producing fried onion rings is different from the equipment for producing french fries, so he needs to add a professional onion slicer.

The onion rings cut by our vegetable and fruit slicing machine are of uniform thickness and smooth cut, and the working efficiency is very high. The American customer was very satisfied with our onion slicer machine and ordered two at a time. Today, the two vegetable and fruit slicers have been sent to the customer’s factory.




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