Working Principle of the Industrial Fruit Pulper

Fresh fruit juice from the electric fruit juicer
fresh fruit juice from the electric fruit juicer

Taizy industrial fruit pulper is a machine used to squeeze fruit juice on a large scale. This industrial fruit pulper of ours has been welcomed by customers from many countries. Next, we will introduce some working principles and maintenance methods of this machine.

The crushed pulp, juice, and skin enter the double-screw juice extractor through the hopper, and the screw pitch gradually decreases as the diameter of the screw gradually increases along the outlet of the slag toward the bottom. Therefore, when the material is pushed by the screw, the volume of the screw chamber will shrink to squeeze the material. The rotation direction of the screw spindle is counterclockwise when viewed from the feed hopper to the slag tank.

Industrial fruit pulper
industrial fruit pulper

The raw materials are pressed under the propulsion of the screw, and the squeezed fruit juice flows into the juice container at the bottom through the filter screen. The waste material is discharged through the annular space formed between the screw and the pressure-regulating conical part. The axial movement of the pressure regulating head is directly controlled by the hydraulic system. The operator can adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system, that is, adjust the resistance of the slag discharge to change the juice yield.

Watermelon juice made by the fruit pulping machine
watermelon juice made by the fruit pulping machine

However, if the pressure of the hydraulic system of the screw press juicer is too high, under strong extrusion, some particles of fruit pomace will be squeezed out through the filter screen together with the fruit juice. As a result, the quality of the fruit juice decreases despite the increased juice yield.

The pressure of the hydraulic system should be determined according to the user’s specific process requirements. So as to achieve the purpose of automatic separation of juice and slag. If you know more about industrial fruit pulper first, welcome to contact us at any time.

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