Screw Press Juicer Machine

Screw press juicer machine
screw press juicer machine

The screw press juicer machine also named dewatering screw press, which is the common type of juicer machine used in many fields. This commercial juicer machine can be different types, such as the single-screw press, twin-screw juicer and the special type of juicer machine. This screw press can be widely used for making fruit juice, distiller’s grains and sawdust press dehydration, sewage and dewatering of sludge and kitchen waste.

What is the screw press juicer machine?

Screw juicer machine
Screw Juicer Machine

This machine can be used for solid-liquid separation processing of certain fibrous or viscous materials. For example, fermented grape skin residue, ginger, spinach, rubber, Chinese herbal medicine, winter jujube and other fruits and vegetables containing certain fiber can also be used for continuous juice extraction of sea buckthorn fruits except for branches or small branches. The machine’s mesh can be customized to the size of the material. This juice press machine can also be used in environmental protection industries, such as press and dewatering of market waste and kitchen waste.

How does the dewatering screw press work?

When the fruit juicer machine working, the material enters the crushing box through the inlet of the machine. Then the broken rod in the feed port quickly breaks the material by rotating at a high speed. The broken material is screwed into the press. The conveyor screw of the press will push the material entering the bin towards the pressing screw.

The pitch of the pressing screw is reduced and the shaft diameter is increased, and under the action of the screen wall and the resistance of the cone, the liquid (or juice) contained in the material is quickly extruded. The extruded liquid flows out of the sieve opening on the outside of the press and is concentrated in the juice hopper.

The pomace after pressing is discharged outside the machine through the end of the sieve cylinder and the cone. The rear of the cone of the machine is fitted with a spring. The pre-tightening force and position of the spring can be adjusted to change the discharge resistance and the size of the slag opening, thereby adjusting the dryness and wetness of the pressed fruit slags. The feeding box, sieve cylinder and spiral of the machine are made of high-quality acid and alkali resistant 304 stainless steel.

Classifications of the screw press dewatering machine

According to the different inner structures of the screw press, and their different applications for juicing and dewatering, the commercial screw press juicer machine can be divided into two types: the single-screw press, the twin-screw juicer and the special type of screw juicer.

Structure diagram of the screw juicer
Structure Diagram Of The Screw Juicer

Single-screw press juicer machine

The single screw press has a single-spiral structure inside. It is a pressing device with a spiral and a spindle rotating in the same direction. It is suitable for pressing materials containing fewer plant fibers and relatively smooth material surface, such as the pressing of vegetables and fruits such as grapes, berries, cabbage, melon, aloe, and the press of oil residue.

Single-screw continuous juicer machine applications:

  1. All kinds of Chinese medicine slag (sticky after fermentation is not suitable).
  2. A variety of vegetables and fruits, fresh grape skin residue and fermented grape skin residue, sea buckthorn fruit, pineapple and other juices containing certain fiber and vegetables, plant stems, roots, such as corn stover dehydration.
  3. Undigested garbage and domestic garbage in the vegetable market.
  4. Medical plastic waste and various Chinese medicine slag.
  5. 100% fiber pulp residue, sawdust, wood chips, crude (cotton) fiber black juice extraction.
    Screw juicing machine processing
    Screw Juicing Machine Processing

Technical parameter:

Model TZ-1 TZ-2 TZ-3 TZ-4 TZ-5 TZ-6
Power(kw) 4 4 7.5 15 18 22
Output(t/h) 1.5 3 5 10 20 40
Dimension(mm) 2565*480*905 3200*560*1120 4100*900*1500 4620*920*1550 4950*1100*1730 6000*1200*2000
Weight(kg) 800 1200 2000 2500 3000 4500

High-efficient twin-screw juicer

The structure of this twin-screw juicer machine is different from that of a single screw press, and its application range is also different. The machine has two spirals in series on its internal shaft, and the two spirals rotate in opposite directions. They work like a “tumble towel” and can be fully pressed.

Fruits for juicing
Fruits For Juicing

The double-screw press is suitable for the fermentation of grape skin residue, sea buckthorn fruit, ginger, and other fruits and vegetables after fermentation. It is the most favorable press in price at present, and due to its high pressing rate for the materials, its output is relatively small.

The materials are not suitable for pressing with the twin-screw juicer:

  1. Contains fluid and slippery materials.
  2. Fruits and vegetables with particles less than 10mm and containing sugar.
  3. Chinese medicine slag with particles larger than 10mm.

Technical parameter:

Model TZ-S1.5 TZ-S5 TZ-S10
Power(kw) 7.5 7.87 11.37
Output(t/h) 1.5 5 10
Dimension(mm) 1900*600*1200 3500*1000*1300 3750*960*1300

The special-made screw juicer machine

This type of juicer machine also named the variable-diameter screw press. The machine mainly through the change of the diameter of the screw shaft to complete the material pressing and dewatering work with a continuous role in the crushing of materials. Its discharging mode is discharging in all-round directions.

Kitchen waste dewatering
Kitchen Waste Dewatering

This screw type juice making machine is suitable for materials with a particle size of 2mm or more and 10mm or less (the liquid material is most suitable), and the smaller the particle size, the higher the dewatering rate, and its minimum gap of the sieve barrel can be 0.2mm-0.3mm.

Applications range of the special screw press machine

This special screw press is suitable for viscous, smooth, fermented, viscous, liquid materials containing colloidal protein oils and fine fibers. The pressing of these materials is roughly divided into the juice extraction of fruits and vegetables and the roots and leaves of fruits and vegetables, the juice extraction of various waste residues, the dehydration of pulp residue, the dehydration of garbage, and the dehydration of feces.

Technical parameters:

Model TZ-1-1 TZ-1-2 TZ-1-3 TZ-1-4 TZ-1-5 TZ-1-6
Power(kw) 4 7.5 15.5 18.5 22 30
Output(t/h) 0.8-1 1.5 3 5 10 20
Dimension(mm) 1950*510*740 2400*600*1100 4100*850*1500 4900*920*1700 5200*1000*1870 6500*1200*2000
Weight(kg) 230 1200 2400 3000 3700 5000
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