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Passion fruit juicer
passion fruit juicer

Passion fruit juice machine is a kind of efficient juicer machine for extracting passion fruit juices and separating passion fruit peels and seeds automatically. With compact structure and high efficiency, this machine can be widely used in many fruit and vegetable juice making and processing fields. And this passion fruit juicer machine has been sold to many countries like the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and other countries as well as Southeast Asia, Africa, and other regions.

Passion fruit juice making machine description

Passion fruit is rich in vitamins, protein and other hundreds of very beneficial elements to the human body, and taste and fragrance are extremely beautiful, can enhance the body resistance, improve immunity, especially children and pregnant women eat it is very helpful to the body development and growth. Therefore, this passion fruit juice extractor was made for making the passion fruit juice in large scale.

Passion fruit juicer
Passion Fruit Juicer

This passion fruit juice extracting machine is a special juice extraction device for the passion fruit processing that has been independently developed by our company in combination with foreign advanced technology. This fruit juicer machine can also separate the pulp and seeds of the passion fruit while pressing the passion fruit juice, so that the juice is purer and has a better taste, and is convenient for deep processing of the juice.

What are the passionflower juicing machine structural features

The passion fruit juice pulping machine has a reasonable structure, which consists of a frame, a crusher, a transmission, a transmission motor, a seed barrel, a seed outlet, a juice outlet, a juice collection tank, a separation barrel and peels extracting port.

When the machine is working, the material enters the crusher from the feed port and breaks into the separation barrel after being broken by the broken cutter teeth. The juice, pulp, and peel are then tumbled and rubbed in a separate bucket to separate the juice, pulp, and peel. Then, the peel is discharged through the slag outlet, and the juice and pulp fall into the collecting tank and flow into the seeding barrel. A silica gel scraper is placed in the seed barrel to scrape the juice out of the small hole in the seed tube and then flow from the juice outlet to the next process. The seeds are discharged from the seed outlet to separate the skin, seeds, and juice.

Passion fruit juice making
Passion Fruit Juice Making

Passionfruit juices extractor advantages

  1. This fruit juicer machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which can not only make sure the original flavor of the passion fruit but also can enhance the service life.
  2. This machine is a breakthrough of the passion fruit deep processing equipment, which solves the complicated process of artificial peeling and juicing of the previous passion fruit, and realizes the separation of the skin, seed, and juice of the passion fruit.
  3. The separation of pulp, seeds, and peels are very good, especially the obtained passion fruit juice is very clean and can be directly used in the next process.
  4. The clean and maintenance of this machine are very easy and cost-saving.
  5. It can be used in the production line matching with other equipment for large output, and we can help you to customize the passion fruit juice production line.

1 t/h passion fruit juicing production line

This production line is mainly to process 1-ton fresh passion fruit in each hour for passion fruit juice. The final passion fruit juice with high purity and low content. It’s color, aroma, taste, and shape maintain natural quality. And the by-product is a four-petal peel with a regular shape, which can be used as a fermented feed, or as a fruit, dietary fiber, mattress, cushion, pillow and so on.

Passion fruit juicing production line workflow

Fresh passion fruit—-Woundless brushing—-Disinfection—-Peels seeds without debris cutting—-Peels seeds without debris separation—-Passion fruit juice, seeds, and peels

Passion fruit for juicing
Passion Fruit For Juicing

Composition of this 1 t/h passion fruit juices production line

Device name Features
Passion fruit non-destructive hoist (1)Without hurting fruit, adjustable speed.

(2)Food grade engineering plastic conveyor belt.

(3) Feeding platform.

Adaptive injury-free brushing machine (1) PLC control, mechatronic structure, adaptive function, no damage, no blind spot brushing. Ensure that the product pulp contains less debris and removes pesticide residues and dirt.

(2) The machine speed is adjustable and the wastewater can be recycled.

Continuous ozone disinfection machine (1) This machine consists of a rack, a sink, a conveyor belt, and an ozone generator.

(2)Continuous automatic feeding and discharging.

(3)Adjustable speed, water cycling.

Automatic positioning hoist (1)Food grade engineering plastic conveyor belt.

(2) adjustable speed.

(3)automatic docking with the cutting machine.

Peels seeds without debris cutting machine (1)All stainless steel construction, dedicated sharp tool to ensure that the fruit is cut into 4 petals, and the debris is very small.

(2) Automatic docking with the separator, sealing operation, blocking foreign matter and bacterial contamination of the pulp.

Peels seeds free debris separator (1)Mechatronic structure, adaptive function, matching two contoured claws and rolling screen, can continuously peel the pulp from the peel, and the skin and seed debris are few.

(2) Adjustable speed, sealed operation, blocking foreign matter and bacteria-contaminated pulp.

Pulp seeds collecting tank Height adjustable, tank sealed to block foreign bodies and bacteria.

Main features of this production line

  1. The whole line can be operated unmanned and can replace more than 30 manuals;
  2. The final juice of the whole line has high purity, fewer impurities and fewer bacteria, which is conducive to packaging and storage and preservation;
  3. The whole line of stainless steel is beautiful and hygienic, and the cut and the separation are sealed, which meets the requirements of modern food hygiene.

How to use and maintain the passion fruit pulper machine?

Passion fruit juice making effect
Passion Fruit Juice Making Effect
  1. Before using the machine, first, check the rotating parts of the machine to see if the rotation is flexible and whether the belt and chain are too loose.
  2. When starting the motor, pay attention to whether the steering is consistent with the steering of the steering wheel;
  3. In the process of using the machine, it is necessary to check the broken condition of the passion fruit, the cleanness of the seed and the separation of the seed and the meat are clean. If problems are found, the gap between the rubber squeegee and the wall of the barrel in the cartridge can be adjusted;
  4. Check the seed loss rate and pulp output speed during the use of the machine. If the loss rate is too high, the height of the tap hole can be raised appropriately. If the pulp discharge rate is too slow, the height of the skin can be appropriately lowered.
    Passion fruit juice
    Passion Fruit Juice
  5. Please turn on the machine before feeding. When the machine is shut down, it is necessary to stop the seeds and pulp before it is discharged, which is convenient for cleaning after shutdown. For example, the crusher and the juice collection tank have seeds attached to it, and an appropriate amount of water can be added for washing to facilitate the discharge of seeds.
  6. Materials entering the machine must not be mixed with hard objects such as metal and stone to avoid damage to the machine.
  7. Before using the machine, the lubricating points of each bearing should be filled with lubricating oil regularly;
  8. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to reach into any part of the machine.

Technical parameters of the passion fruit juicer machine

Name Power Output Dimension
Passion fruit juicer 2.2kw 0.5-1t/h 1900×850×2260mm

Passion fruit juicer machine working video

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