Fruit and Vegetable Dryer Machine

Fruit and Vegetable Dryer Machine

The fruit and vegetable dryer machine is always used in the food processing line, which is especially useful for the potato chips and french fries production lines.

This drying machine is the common equipment for fast drying of all kinds of fruits and vegetables which are washed or need to be packed. This fruit and vegetable dryer machine can also be used for drying packaged foods and snacks in the production lines.

The main structure of the fruit and vegetable dryer machine

The packaged snacks air dryer machine has a very compact structure, and its size can be customized according to different requirements about the working capacities of this machine. It is composed of the mesh conveyor, delivering motor, mainframe, fans(with motors), electric control cabinet and the decelerator.

fruit dryer machine
Fruit dryer machine

The electric control cabinet is mainly equipped with a power switch, voltage and current indicator, governor and emergency stop button. Each of the fan in the frame has a smaller motor to drive the fans and the number of fans in this machine is not fixed, which can be adjusted according to the actual processing capacities.

Working principle of the fruit and vegetable dryer machine

This machine is used in conjunction with vegetable and fruit washing machines. The air drying machine uses natural wind to blow dry the material with large air volume and low-noise fan. The air drying machine is designed for many times to turnover transportation and has a reverse wind device to prevent appearing blind space for blowing dry, and the vegetable air dryer machine blowing dry effect is good. The equipment adopts frequency conversion conveying, the speed can be adjusted and the conveying is smooth. The product can be directly packed after water removal by the air drying machine.

The fruit and vegetable dryer machine can achieve continuous operation (and match with the sterilization machine ). Put the sterilized product into the conveying network belt, and dry it by the normal temperature air flow ejected from the nozzle of the air drying machine. The air drying machine can effectively protect the color and quality of the material itself.

Fruit and vegetable dryer machine applications

In food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other industries, some of the finished products in the packaging are the completion of need for water bath sterilization. After sterilization of the packaging surface of finished products attached to a large number of water droplets, need to dry the packaging surface water before packing. The water removal packaging products (bags, boxes, bottles) are continuously placed on the adjustable speed of stainless steel mesh belt, in order to enter the air cover, the high-pressure, low-temperature airflow generated by the air drying machine from the nozzle jet out, forcing water droplets instantly gasification.

vegetable and fruit dryer machine
Vegetable and fruit dryer machine

So as to achieve the packaging products in removing water, oil stains, incrustation, and other effects. The air drying machine is especially suitable for the sterilization of high and low-temperature meat products packaging, vegetable products packaging, and recycling boxes, and other materials drying. This series of equipment can run continuously, the finished products of dewatered packaging continuously enter the next packing line.

Collocation in food production lines with air dryer machine

  1. Match with the air bubble type fruit and vegetable drying equipment for deep processing of food. When the vegetables are cleaned, they can be transferred into this air drying machine for quick drying.
  2. A Veg dryer machine can also match with the packaging machine and the sterilizer machine when used in the production line, such as the production of packed snacks, this air drying machine can be used for removing the water droplets on the surface of the packet.

Fruit and vegetable dryer machine features

  1. The air drying machine is convenient to use, with high water-removing rate and no ditches pollution on the surface of the packaging.
  2. The drying speed in this vegetable dryer machine is adjustable so that the users can control the drying process and make the biggest profits.
  3. The feet of this dryer machine can be the fixed type as well as the removable type, which can ensure the good user experience and convenient for moving. Besides, the height of the fans can also be adjusted according to different drying situations based on the size of the material.
  4. Made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, it has the advantages of frequency conversion speed regulation control, running smoothly, safe operation and high efficiency.
  5. It can effectively remove water droplets from the surface of materials, greatly shorten the preparation for labeling and packing, and is suitable for assembly line operation, thus improving the degree of production automation of the enterprise.