Types and Uses of Industrial Vegetable Dicer

Vegetable dicer
vegetable dicer

A industrial vegetable dicer is different from a household cutter. Commercial vegetable dicing machines have high output and large size, and are generally used in canteens, hotels, and vegetable processing factories. The types of machine are generally divided into three types: belt reciprocating type, centrifugal type and double head type. Let’s explain in detail the uses and differences of these three vegetable dicer machines.

Belt reciprocating type

These machines are generally used for sectioning leafy vegetables and slicing root vegetables. Coupled with a special cutting tool to achieve the purpose of dicing and shredding. This industrial vegetable dicer is generally used in vegetable processing plants that do not require high cutting.

Centrifugal industrial vegetable dicer

Centrifugal veggie dicer chopper is mainly used for shredding, dicing and slicing rhizome vegetables. Vegetables that are more often cut include potatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, and radishes. This type of machine can generally cut vegetables into multiple sizes. And the cutting effect is standard.

Industrial vegetable dicer
industrial vegetable dicer

Double head type

This type of equipment has the functions of the above two machines. The machine is equipped with dual motors, and the two heads can process at the same time. Therefore, work efficiency is high. It also has a digital frequency conversion function, which is more intelligent. The downside is that it’s expensive.

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