How to use the vegetable dicing machine?

Commercial vegetable dicing machine
commercial vegetable dicing machine

The commercial vegetable dicing machine is generally suitable for soft foods such as dehydrated vegetables and quick-frozen vegetable processing plants and the food pickle industry. This dicer machine can cut a variety of roots and stems into cubes. The high-speed vegetable dicing machine is suitable for various root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. There is a variety of dicing sizes available for customers to choose from. The output can be up to 200 kg per hour, and the work efficiency is high, which can save manpower.

Diced carrot cubes
Diced Carrot Cubes

Instructions for using vegetable dicing machine

1. Screw the hopper to the shell inlet (remove the hopper for easy packaging and transportation).

2. Check whether there is a foreign body in the shell, and remove the foreign body in the shell, otherwise, it may cause damage to the blade.

3. Clean up the operation site, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the operating voltage of the machine, find a professional electrician to connect the machine wire on the power switch with full-level disconnection and large open distance, connect the ground wire reliably at the ground mark, close the switch, then press the “on” button to check whether the steering is correct. (when facing the rotary table, the clockwise direction should be correct), otherwise, cut off the power adjustment wiring.

Onion dicer and the washing machine
Onion Dicer And The Washing Machine

4. Switch on the water source for use.

5. Do not put hands and foreign bodies into the shell when the machine is working.

6. The cut items need to clean miscellaneous, if the cut items mixed with sand and stones, etc., knife edge and knife plate is easy to damage and blunt. The maximum cutting diameter of the material shall not exceed 80mm. If it is larger than this diameter, it shall be cut into small pieces.

7. Close the switch hk2-15, close the housing door and press the safety switch XK. If the shell door is not closed in place, the switch xk cannot be pressed. When the line is blocked, the motor can not operate.

8. The brush is used to scrape away the residual materials squeezed between the combined circular cutting tools. When installing the brush, the blade should be attached to the surface of the spacer ring of the combined circular cutting tool. The position of the brush (adjust the calibration value of the scale line 5mm,10mm15mm) should be consistent with the adjusted slice thickness, otherwise, it will affect the machine performance and cutting quality.

Vegetable cubes
Vegetable Cubes

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