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French Fries Processing Machines

The french fries processing machine is also named French Fries Production Line, french fries making machine, small french fries plant, and semi-automatic french fry lines. It is composed of a series of french fries processing equipment for making frozen french fries, potato chips, and french-fried potatoes on large scale. This french fries processing line can be designed with both the semi-automatic french fries production line and the full-automatic french fries plant based on the customers’ requirements for different french fries or potato chips production yields. The main processing crafts for making french fries are washing and peeling, slicing, blanching, dewatering, deep-frying, deoiling, flavoring and cooling, and packing.

french fries making process
French fries making process

Why choose the french fries production line?

French fries, as well as potato chips, are the favorite snacks for many people in all countries today. Therefore, more and more businessman begins to take an eye on french fry production and selling. Although some workshops do the french fries made by the home french fry makers, it is still inefficient for providing enough fries products into the market. Under the great demand for french fries consumption, the whole set of french fries processing machines for commercial french fries or potato chips production are in urgent need.

Main components of the french fries making machines

1. Potato washing and peeling machine

The first step to process the potatoes is washing and peeling. The commonly used automatic potato washing machine is the brush type of washing machine for quick and efficient potato cleaning and peeling. Put the chosen potatoes(with the water content about 75%) into the washing chamber of this machine, and then open the water injection switch. The washing brush is made of special food-grade nylon materials, which can remove the dirt and sand on the surface of the potatoes and further remove the potato’s peels. One patch for washing in this machine is about 40kg within 2-3 minutes. The potato peeling rate can reach about 95% and the potato peeling loss rate is less than 3%.

1. Washing and peeling machine
1. Washing and peeling machine

Technical data of the potato cleaning machine

Capacity: 200kg/h   Dimension: 1600*850*800mm   Voltage: 380v/220v   Power: 0.75kw   Weight: 280kg

2. Potato slicing machine

This potato cutter machine is an important automatic french fries processing machine, which can cut the potatoes into both strips and flakes. For making french fries, we can be changed the cutter blade in this potato slicing machine for making potato strips. The actual size of the potato strips can be set before cutting. Put the peeled potatoes into the machine inlet, and then the potato strips will be made under its inner high-speed rotating cutter blades. And the final potato strips have an even size.

2. Slicing machine
2. Slicing machine

Technical data of the potato cutter machine

Capacity: 600kg/h   Dimension: 950*800*950mm   Power: 1.1kw   Voltage: 380V/220V   Weight: 110kg

3. Potato strips blanching machine

The potato blanching machine is mainly used for removing the excess starch on the surface of the potato strips and preventing the oxidation and discoloration of potato strips. This blanching machine can be customized with both the electric heating method and the liquefied gas heating method based on the customer’s requirements. And this blanching machine in the french fries processing line can be designed with multiple processing boxes. Put the fresh potato strips into the blanching chamber for about 0.5-1minutes with a temperature of about 90℃, and then lift out the inner filter box for dewatering.

3. Blanching machine
3. Blanching machine

Technical data of the potato strips blanching machine(4 boxes)

Capacity: 200kg/h    Dimension:2200*700*950mm   Voltage: 380V/220V   Power: 42kw

Weight: 200kg 20kg/batch (4 boxes)   One batch: 30 seconds

4. Potato strips dewatering machine

Before frying, these blanched potato strips should be done with the work of dehydration. The potato strips’ dewatering process is mainly to remove excess water drops on the surface of the potato strips for the next deep frying. This potato dehydrating machine in the french fries production line is mainly composed of a motor and a rotating barrel that can remove the water during the high-speed rotation.

4. Dewatering machine
4. Dewatering machine

Technical data of the potato strips dewatering machine

Capacity: 200kg/h   Dimension: 1100*500*850mm   Voltage: 380V/220V   Power: 1.5kw   Weight: 350kg

5. Potato strips frying machine

The french fries frying machine also named potato strips fryer machine, mainly can do deep frying of the potato strips or potato chips. This fryer machine can be of various types in our factory, mainly can be divided into the automatic type with large working capacity and the small semi-automatic type. Before french fries frying, we should do preheating of the edible oil and reach the frying temperature of about 170℃. Then put the dehydrated potato strips into the frying chamber and fry them for about 1-2 minutes into golden yellow color. Then lift the inner frame for the next deoiling process.

5. Frying machine
5. Frying machine

Technical data of the french fries fryer machine

Capacity: 200kg/h   Dimension: 2200*700*950mm   Voltage: 380V/220V   Power: 42kw   Weight: 200kg

6. French fries deoiling machine

The French fry deoiling machine is another important french fries making machine in the French Fries Production Line, which can remove the excess oil of the french fries. This machine adopts the principle of high-speed centrifugation for oil removal and it has high working efficiency. Actually this fried potato strips deoiling machine is multi-functional for dewatering and deoiling in the french fries production process.

6. Deoiling machine
6. Deoiling machine

Technical data of the french fries deoiling machine

Capacity: 200kg/h   Dimension: 1100*500*850mm   Voltage: 380V/220V   Power: 1.5kw   Weight: 350kg

7. French fries flavoring machine

This french fries flavoring machine is also named seasoning machine. It is widely used in all kinds of food processing lines, such as potato chips processing lines, french fries processing lines,etc. It is one of the important machines in the French fries processing machine. This flavoring machine is made up of the octagonal rotation mixer and the frame body. When using this seasoning machine, put the french fries and all kinds of flavors into the rotating mixer. And then under the continuous mixing and rotation of the mixer for about 2 minutes. The delicious french fry will be made final. This flavoring machine also has different models with different working capacities.

7. Flavoring machine
7. Flavoring machine

Technical data of the french fries flavoring machine

Capacity: 300kg/h   Dimension: 1100*800*1300mm   Voltage: 380V/220V   Power: 1.1kw   Weight: 190kg

8. French fries packing machine

For packing the french fries, we can provide various packing machines for you, such as the vacuum packaging machine, vacuum nitrogen filling machine, and multi-functional packing machine. These french fries packing machines mainly can divide a large number of french fries or potato chips into separate packed products quantitatively. Besides, the package patterns and letters can be designed according to actual customers’ needs.

8. Packing machine
8. Packing machine

Technical data of the french fries packing machine

Capacity: 300 kg/h   Dimension: 1200*600*850mm   Voltage: 380V/220V   Power: 1.5kw   Weight: 260kg

Outstanding features of the french fries processing machines

  1. Each of the french fries making machines in this french fries processing line is made of high-quality stainless steel, so that can make sure the cleanliness and sanitation of the whole process for french fries production.
  2. Actually, the blanching machine and the fryer machine are the same equipment. And the dewatering machine and deoiling machine are also the same. Therefore, the customer can use one set of these machines for two functions, which can save costs for making french fries.
    delicious french fries
    Delicious french fries
  3. This french fries production line can also be re-designed for different requirements of the french fries production. Besides, these french fries processing machines are also suitable for making potato chips by changing with different potato cutter machines.
  4. No matter what capacities you want, we can customize the most suitable plan for you based on your french fries plant size, your investing budget, and so on. And we can also help you do the cost and profit analysis according to your local consumption customs.
  5. We can not only support you with good french fries machines but also can provide you with all kinds of french fry recipes for helping you to make french fries and potato chips with different flavors so that your products will be more popular on the market.
    how to make french fries
    How to make french fries

Working video of the french fries production line