Multi-functional Potato Washing Peeling Machine

potato washing and peeling machine

This commercial potato washing and peeling Machine is very suitable for deep cleaning rhizome vegetables, fruits, root tubers, Chinese herbs, oysters, scallop aquatic products, and other materials.

This potato washing and peeling machine is especially useful for cleaning and removing thick dirt on the surface of the potato, ginger, sweet potato, radish, carrot, cassava, and other root vegetables. After cleaning, peeling, and polishing, the materials can be directly processed with different kinds of food.

Working video of the potato washing equipment

potato washing machine YouTube video

Application of the potato washing and peeling machine

  1. Root vegetables: cleaning and removing impurities of stem vegetables, melons, fruits, roots, and tuber herbs. Such as carrot, yam, ginseng, potato, lotus root, water chestnuts, cassava, taro, ginger, and so on.
  2. Meats and seafood products: it can also clean the abalone, mussels, shrimp, crab, and other seafood.

At Taizy Food Machinery, we also have special peeling machines such as onion peeling machines, pomegranate peeling machines, and fruit peeling machines. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.

The main structure of the potato peeling machine

With its well-designed structure, this electric potato peeler machine is very practical. The components of this potato peeling machine are very compact, which include the outer shells, brushing rollers, water pipe, and nozzles, inside the motor, cleaning trough, discharge hole, switch buttons, waste filter tank, wastewater outlet, four movable wheels and so on.

All the parts in this potato cleaner and peeler are made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, which can ensure a long service life and keep the original taste of the cleaned materials.

vegetables and fruits for washing and peeling
Vegetables and fruits for washing and peeling

How does the potato washing and peeling machine work?

The operation of this potato washing and peeling machine is very easy. Before cleaning, we should put through the power supply and connect the water pipe with the water faucet. And we can see the brushing rollers begin to rotate and the nozzles on the water pipe begin to discharge water flows.

Then we can put the potatoes or carrots into the cleaning tank. The quantity of the materials added to the cleaning tank is up to the users. We can put a full tank of potatoes for cleaning or half of the tank, but the less the adding, the faster the cleaning speed and better the cleaning effect.

Potato washing machine price

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Sweet potato peeling machine working principle

Brush type vegetables washing machine adopts high-pressure spray cleaning with brush rollers. Generally, a 3 kg pressure circulation pump is often used. The material of this pump head is made of special material, which can prevent water from rusting and polluting the product during secondary use. The brush rollers of the sweet potato cleaning equipment adopt a circular nylon wool roller, which is combined with high-pressure spray water to wash the product thoroughly.

During the cleaning process of the brush roller washing machine ginger cleaning and peeling machine, impurities are brushed off by the brushes, and the water flows into the bottom of the reservoir. There is a filter net above the reservoir, and the floating objects can be directly trapped in the filter net above the reservoir to ensure clean circulating water in the reservoir.

When cleaning, the carrots or potatoes will roll continuously under the rotating force of the rollers so that they can ensure good cleanliness and enhance the washing and peeling efficiency.

Potato washing and peeling machine applications

Due to its high efficiency in removing mud and impurities, this machine has a wide application in many aspects of food processing, especially in the food production line. It is widely used in the cleaning and peeling process of potato chip assembly lines, the cleaning and peeling process of vacuum-fried fruit and vegetable slices, and the cleaning work of fruit and vegetable cleaning and air-drying grading assembly lines.

Great advantages of potato washing and peeling machine

  1. The sweet potato peeling and cleaning machine is designed and manufactured by Taizy machinery with advanced cleaning technology, which can clean fast and will not break the materials. The working brush is made of food-grade nylon wire, having no damage to the skin of the products, and is durable enough for its good wear resistance.
  2. The rolling brush can be different types, such as soft brush, hard brush, long brush, and short brush, besides, the brush materials can also be different. We can exchange various brushes for good and quick washing to clean different vegetables. What’s more, the loading and unloading of the brush are very easy, you can realize change within several minutes.
  3. The inside transmission part in this potato washing and peeling machine adopts a double-row sprocket wheel to avoid the non-running phenomenon of the brush roller slipping. Which also adopts the double bearing design to fix the shaft head to make the equipment operation more stable.
  4. Clean thoroughly, less water consumption, a large amount of processing, shorten the cleaning time, not only can complete the root vegetable cleaning, and apply to potatoes, water chestnuts, and seafood cleaning and peeling. This fruit and vegetable washing machine can guarantee the integrity of lumpy rhizome products without hurting flesh when cleaning.
  5. With its simple structure and elegant appearance, it is easy to use and operate, and easy to disassemble and replace parts. The installation and maintenance of the cleaning equipment are relatively simple, saving users’ costs. High cleanliness of fruits and vegetables and no damage to fruits and vegetables keep their shape intact.
potato washing equipment
potato washing equipment

Commercial potato washing and peeling machine technical data

ModelMotor power(kw)Production capacity(kg/h)
potato washing equipment parameters

7 different outputs of potato washing equipment for different needs. Whether you have a potato farm or a food processing plant, this machine can be of assistance to you. 700 kg/h – 3000 kg/h output can meet the vast majority of production needs. If you need this potato washing and peeling machine, please feel free to contact us.