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Automatic Pomegranate Peeling Machine

pomegranate peeling machine
pomegranate peeling machine

Pomegranate automatic peeling machine is an important processing machine for making pomegranate wine and pomegranate juice. It is one of the special equipment for deep processing of pomegranate. This pomegranate peeling machine mainly used for the separation of skin and seeds from the pomegranate. It is the necessary equipment for the pre-processing of pomegranate juice extraction.

Pomegranate peeling machine description

We all know that pomegranate is a fruit with high nutritional value and delicious taste. However, it is not an easy thing for crushing or peeling of the pomegranate and picking its seeds. Therefore, where there are the needs, there is the market. Our Taizy pomegranate peeling machine was greatly welcomed as soon as it went public for its high-efficiency for crushing the pomegranate and picking the seeds.

Pomegranate Peeling machine
Pomegranate Peeling machine

Main structure of the pomegranate deseeder  

The pomegranate seeds removing machine is mainly composed of a feeding hopper, a crushing chamber, a frame, a shroud, a separating shaft, and a rotating screen, a transmission system, an electric control cabinet and so on.

  1. Feeding:

Pomegranate can be fed into the hopper via a hoist or manually.

  1. The crushing device:

The crushing chamber is installed on the upper part of the pomegranate peeler machine and it can be the two-layer structure for crushing the pomegranate enough. The crushing roller of the crushing device is made of stainless steel, and the gap between the two rolls can be adjusted between 22-30mm.

  1. Separation device:

The device consists of a separation shaft, a separation screen, and a transmission system. The separation shaft is provided with a spirally distributed separation blade; the separation rotary screen is formed by punching a stainless steel plate, and its function is to separate the peel and the fruit seeds; the transmission system is located at the front end of the frame for decelerating frequency control, through the sprocket set Drive the separation shaft and separate the rotary screen.

  1. The rack(machine frame)

The frame is the support part of the various parts of the coupling device, all made of high-quality stainless steel.

  1. Electrical control cabinet:

It is assembled from cabinets, electrical components, frequency converters, etc., used to control the feeding (pre-set for the feed hoist), the opening and closing of the motor of the crushing and separating device and the adjustment of the motor speed.

How to get seeds out of pomegranates automatically?

The pomegranate enters the upper crushing device from the feeding hopper, and the pomegranate is crushed and cut into several small pieces through the relative pressing of the crushing roller and the crushing action of the blade on the roller. Then, the crushed pomegranate pieces enter the lower crushing device for second crushing.

The lower crushing roller of the automatic pomegranate crushing and seed picking machine is made of non-toxic and highly elastic rubber, and the damage to the pomegranate seed is small, and the gap between the two rolls can be adjusted between 15-22 mm. After two stages of crushing, the pomegranate that has been separated by the basic skin and seeds falls into a separation device (separation shaft and rotary screen combination) equipped with variable frequency speed regulation.

Under the rotation of the separation shaft and the rotary screen, the pomegranate seeds and part of the juice leak from the sieve hole(the diameter of the sieve hole is 13-16 mm), and enter the next process through the discharge port (transferred to the juicer or other by screw pump); the pomegranate peel is discharged from the tail of the device in the pomegranate peeling machine.

How to install a pomegranate peeling machine correctly?

  1. Before installation, check the equipment for damage or missing parts during transportation.
  2. The pomegranate peeling machine installation site should be hardened and ensure good drainage performance.
  3. The feeding mode of the equipment, the conveying method of the dregs, the water supply, and the drainage method are designed by the user.
  4. If the ground is flat, this peeler machine does not need to be fixed. It can be fixed by four M16 expansion bolts.
    Pomegranate peel and seeds
    Pomegranate peel and seeds
  5. After the machine is installed, each reducer should be filled with lubricant as required. Also, apply molybdenum disulfide grease to the drive chain. In addition, each support bearing of the transmission is injected with an appropriate amount of molybdenum disulfide grease in the on the state, and the crushing roller support bearing should be filled with an appropriate amount of medical Vaseline lubrication.

Main features of the pomegranate crushing and peeling machine

  1. The pomegranate peeling machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the material is excellent. The thickness of the steel plate is strictly manufactured according to the enterprise standard. The outer casing of the machine is frosted and the lines are fine. The overall frame design is reasonable, the footprint is small, the output is large, the appearance is harmonious and beautiful, and the operation is smooth.
  2. This peeler machine minimizes the breakage of pomegranate seeds and retains more pomegranate juice. It not only retains the original juice taste of pomegranate but also has a tannin content of no more than 4%. This ensures that the pomegranate juice is rich in high nutritional value and avoids the bitter taste.
  3. The machine is efficient for peeling clean and has a high peeling rate. The crushing tool inside the machine can be adjusted for different sizes of pomegranates. The equipment can also be customized according to customer’s requirements. For example, your pomegranate skin is thicker, or the production site is limited, or you want the pomegranate tannin content standard is low and your requirements for the sieve barrel diameter, we can give you all the reasonable plan.

Technical parameters of the electric pomegranate peeling machine

Model TZ-P1 TZ-P2 TZ-P3
Output 1-1.5T/h 5T/h 3T/h
Rotary sieve diameter 350mm 800mm 500mm
Power 3.3kw 7.7kw 5.2kw
Overall weight 350kg 1200kg 600kg
Dimension 2600x610x1800mm 3100x1100x2300mm 2600x810x2000mm

Pomegranate peeling machine working video

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