Why pomegranate peeling machine is very popular in West Asian countries?

Pomegranate for peeling
pomegranate for peeling

At present, China’s machinery manufacturing industry has been recognized and trusted by third world countries. Many customers from Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asian countries have come to China to buy wine-making equipment. Among them, our Shuliy pomegranate peeling machine is exported to foreign countries because of its advanced processing technology and long service life.

Automatic pomegranate peeling machine
Automatic Pomegranate Peeling Machine

How does the pomegranate peeling machine work?

The pomegranate peeling machine is a new type of pomegranate processing equipment. The entire pomegranate is placed in the device, and the pomegranate peel and the seed are separated by a quick rotation by means of a squeeze hob and a faster-conveying mace device. The pomegranate peel is peeled off from the back of the device and the pomegranate seeds are peeled off and collected under the machine.

Pomegranate processing
Pomegranate Processing

The pomegranate enters the upper crushing device of the pomegranate peeling equipment from the feed hopper. The upper crushing device will open the pomegranate, and then the lower crushing device will squeeze the pomegranate again. The pomegranate that has been squeezed by two stages has been separated from the basic skin and falls into the separation device of the machine. The pomegranate seeds fall from the sieve hole and the skin is removed and discharged from the machine tail. Pomegranate seeds and juice can be pumped to the next process using an additional screw.

Peeling machine details
Peeling Machine Details

Related pomegranate processing machines

In addition, we also offer the pomegranate seed press machine. Pomegranate seeds pressing generally use a single-screw press. Among all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as grapes, sea buckthorn, pomegranate, orange, etc., the sugar content is relatively high.

Clean pomegranate seeds
Clean Pomegranate Seeds

The herb medicine dregs, pulp residue, and bagasse contain coarse and large fibers. When pressing these materials, the pressing screw of the machine is easy to slip, or because the fiber is not easy to discharge, a single screw press with a forced feed plate should be used. Advantages of single screw press: The degree of dryness and wetness can be controlled, the discharge is convenient, and the output is large.

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