4 Methods of Peeling Pomegranate

Peeling pomegranate
peeling pomegranate

Pomegranate is a popular fruit. Pomegranate itself is a kind of jam, and the nutrition of pomegranate is also very rich. According to the data, pomegranate contains a lot of organic acid, protein, vitamins, etc. So eating pomegranates is good for our health. But because the pomegranate skin is very thick, it is troublesome to peel the pomegranate skin. Here are four ways for peeling pomegranates.

Pomegranate peeling
pomegranate peeling

Method 1

First, we take out a pomegranate and wash its appearance. Then use a knife to cut a circle along the edge 7 cm from the top of the pomegranate to remove the pomegranate top cover, and we will find that there are white membrane petals between the pomegranate petals. Finally, we use a knife to cut along the membrane flap. Then break 6 pieces with your hands and pour all the pomegranate pulp into the container.

Method 2

The second way to peel pomegranate is to draw a line across the middle of the pomegranate. It’s OK to cut the pomegranate skin. You don’t need to cut it too deeply with a knife. Then we break the pomegranate into two halves and loosen the pomegranate skin. Finally, we will drop two semicircle pomegranates and beat them with a shovel. The pomegranate seeds will be knocked out in about 1 minute.

Method 3

The third way is to clean the pomegranate, and then use a knife to make several scratches on the pomegranate body. Then use your hand to break it directly, remove the inner membrane of the pomegranate, and peel off the seeds.

Method 4

In pomegranate processing plants, the above-mentioned method of pomegranate stripping is obviously not desirable. They will use pomegranate peeling machine to help. Taizy Pomegranate Peeler Machine can process 5 tons of pomegranates in 1 hour at most. Due to its strong production capacity and efficiency, customers in many countries have purchased this pomegranate processing machine from our company.

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