Why Automatic Pomegranate Peeler Can Be Sold in Africa for a Long Time?


At present, China’s machinery manufacturing industry has been recognized and trusted by third-world countries. Many customers from Africa and Southeast Asian countries have come to China to buy brewing equipment. Among them, the automatic pomegranate peeler is welcomed by many countries. Due to its fully mature technology, long service life, and our professional technical services, etc. Automatic pomegranate peeler has been sold abroad for a long time.

Automatic pomegranate peeler
automatic pomegranate peeler

What is the reason why customers choose Taizy automatic pomegranate peeler?

The core technology is not easy to imitate.

The structure of the pomegranate peeling machine is very simple. The whole pomegranate is put into the feed inlet, and the blade of the roller cuts the pomegranate skin and extrudes it at the same time. The extruded pomegranate is separated by Jiaolong, and then the skin and seed are separated by centrifugal force. The pomegranate seeds are discharged from the bottom of the equipment under the push of external rotating spiral leaves. The pomegranate peel comes out from the rear of the device. This is a machine with a simple structure. No matter the gap size of the opposite roller, the speed ratio of the reducer, or the curve of the Jiaolong paddle, the requirements are very strict. If one item is not qualified, the output will be insufficient. It will cause incomplete peeling and serious belt seed.

Continuously update the mature technology

Customers always have higher requirements for the technology of automatic pomegranate peeler. For example, we want to reduce the floor area and price while increasing the output. Pomegranate seeds require a lower damage rate. The controllability of tannin content in yellow film, etc. Therefore, the second and third-generation automatic pomegranate peeler of Taizy Machinery has been designed and produced, and have been recognized by old customers in terms of quality and price. This is why the pomegranate peeling machine has been sold overseas.

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