Egg cleaning machine for washing eggs

Egg cleaner
Egg cleaner

The egg cleaning machine is a device used to clean eggs. It can also be used to clean duck eggs and goose eggs. Eggs that have just been produced by chickens and ducks will be dirty. For farms, machines need to be used for egg cleaning. Egg washing includes automatic egg tank feeding, egg washing, air drying, and light inspection.

Customer factory visit egg washing machine
Customer factory visit egg washing machine

The benefits of cleaning eggs

Egg cleaners are mainly used in poultry farms, food factories, and agricultural product processing technology fields. Poultry eggs are discharged from the reproductive holes of poultry, which are very easy to contaminate intestinal microorganisms; chicken manure and other harmful pollutants on the surface of eggshells contain pollutants that are harmful to humans, and fresh eggs have been cleaned and packaged. product. Clean egg surface is hygienic, and clean, and has a long shelf life, which greatly improves the quality and safety of fresh eggs.

The benefits of cleaning eggs
The Benefits Of Cleaning Eggs

An automatic egg feeding machine

Eggs are very easy to break when they are not cooked, so the most difficult thing for egg cleaning is how to automatically put the eggs on the egg cleaning machine. This egg cleaning machine uses the buoyancy of water to avoid the collision between eggs and eggs, and can automatically put eggs on the machine. When working, put water in the water tank of the egg cleaner machine, and then it will be automatically placed on the egg washing equipment for the next step.

Egg feeding machine
Egg Feeding Machine

Roller conveying egg

Since the shape of the egg is oval, the ordinary conveyor belt cannot play a fixed role, and the use of the roller conveyor belt can not only carry out transportation but also play a fixed role. The roller conveyor also keeps the eggs tumbling as they wash, allowing the eggs to be thoroughly washed. Egg transport rollers are made of corrosion-resistant soft materials, which do not hurt eggs and increase friction, which is convenient for even egg-laying.

Roller conveying egg
Roller Conveying Egg

Brush cleaning eggs

It is made of specially curved wire with wear-resistant material, which has high wear resistance and excellent elasticity and can effectively remove the stains on the surface of eggshells. The shaft is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to corrode.

Brush cleaning eggs
Brush Cleaning Eggs

Air-dry and light inspection

After the eggs are cleaned, they are continuously transported out by the conveyor belt. There will be a fan above the egg cleaning line to speed up the drying. After drying, the light source will be tested. The LED cold light source is emitted from the bottom of the egg, and the cracked, scattered yellow, deformed, and other unqualified eggs are manually picked out to ensure the quality of the eggs.

Air-dry and light inspection
Air-Dry And Light Inspection

Two different egg cleaning machine models

There are two models of egg washers, single row egg washers and double row egg cleaning machine. The difference between these two egg washers is the difference in output.

Single row egg washing machine equipment parameters

Single row egg washing machine
Single Row Egg Washing Machine
Appearance6000*1200*1500 mm
Efficiency5000-7000 pieces/hour
Total power6.6kw

The working efficiency of the single-row egg-washing machine is about 6,000 pieces/hour, and the total power is 6.6kw, including egg-laying, cleaning air-drying and light inspection.

Double row egg cleaner machine parameters

Double row egg washing machine
Double Row Egg Washing Machine
Efficiency10000-14000 pieces/hour
Total power12.5kw

The working efficiency of the double-row egg washing machine is about 13,000 pieces/hour, and the working efficiency of the double-row egg cleaning machine is higher. About 2 times that of a single-row egg washer.

Can the egg cleaning machine wash different types of eggs?

Different types of eggs
Different Types Of Eggs

The egg washing machine can clean different types of eggs, such as duck eggs, and goose eggs. Whether the machine can clean eggs of different sizes mainly depends on the size and type of the machine brush. Type, or change the brushes of different sizes, adjust the interval of the brushes, and you can wash eggs of different sizes.

Advantages of egg washers

Egg cleaner
Egg Cleaner

The egg washing machine has a strong processing capacity and can be adjusted by frequency conversion. The number of eggs washed per hour is determined according to the specifications of the equipment. The surface of the processed eggs is free of dirt and shiny and can be spliced with other equipment. It can be connected to an egg grading machine and egg inkjet printer to complete egg processing with more functions. The processed eggs have higher added value and higher profits.

Egg cleaning machine video

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