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egg coding machine

Egg printer is a device used for printing eggs. Egg printing has been popularized in many countries. Large-scale egg sales can be achieved through egg coding. Generally, the production date, egg sales companies, and other information will be printed on eggs. The egg inkjet printer is suitable for supermarkets, farms, farms, and egg sales enterprises.

Why do egg coding?

egg printer
egg coding machine

With the development of science and technology, coding on eggs is not a new thing. More and more companies realize that coding on eggs can make their egg business move towards large-scale and more standardized spraying on eggs. Egg code has three functions. First, the type of egg can be indicated on the egg to help consumers find the type of egg they want more quickly.

Second, print the date. Printing the date can give consumers a quick idea of ​​how fresh an egg is. Increase consumer trust. Increase egg sales and increase revenue. Third, print the name of the company, which is also a means of marketing. Through egg promotion and marketing, the company’s popularity can be improved.

Therefore, egg printing machines are necessary for egg processing plants.

Why are the eggs in the supermarket so clean?

supermarket egg
supermarket egg

Most of the eggs sold in supermarkets are cleaned, and there is a complete production line for egg processing, which mainly includes egg cleaning, egg breaking detection, egg coding, oil spraying, UV disinfection, weight grading, etc. This not only has a great improvement in appearance but also has a great guarantee in terms of hygiene. It prevents some germs from being brought into the refrigerator, and in addition, it is also beneficial to prolong the shelf life of eggs.

Selection criteria for selecting egg coding inks

egg coding inks
egg coding inks
  1. Dries quickly. The efficiency of mass production and processing of eggs is critical. The drying time of the ink should not be too long. Generally, the ink will dry quickly within 4 seconds after coding. To ensure that when consumers open the eggs, the printing of the eggs is completely clear.
  2. Security. According to the requirements, the egg coding must be food-grade, and the egg printer must be fully replenished.
  3. The ink color is eye-catching. Ink Color Choose an easily visible color (red is the most common).
  4. It is firmly attached to the surface of the egg. This ink should be such that the code sticks firmly to the surface of the egg even when the egg is cooked.

Egg printer parameters

egg printer
egg printer
Product modelSL-19
Machine size2000mm*980mm*410mm
Machine weight56KG
egg printing machine

The machine has 6 nozzles. The content printed by the machine can be Chinese characters, numbers, dates, and logos. There are also many languages ​​for printing, such as Chinese, English, Russian, and so on. The ink color can be red, green, blue, black, or purple.

What is the price of an egg printing machine?

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Precautions when using the egg printer

The eggs in the same tray should be uniform in size. After selecting them with an egg grader, the coding effect will be better. The egg printing machine should be kept dry and clean. Wear gloves if you need to replace ink cartridges or touch the ink. Special cleaning fluids are required to clean ink.

The structure of the egg coding machine

structure of the egg coding machine
structure of the egg coding machine

The egg inkjet printer mainly includes 7 important parts, the front cover of the main box, the print head, the conveyor belt, the rear cover of the main box, the photoelectric sensor, the main switch, and the control box. The egg printer is transported by the conveyor belt when working, and the manual operation is simple and convenient.

Advantages of egg printer

The inkjet printer with multiple nozzles can process the entire pallet at the same time, and the work efficiency is high. The characters and patterns are clear and distinct. Whether the eggs are boiled or refrigerated, the printing content is firm, and the ink does not melt or drip. The egg printer machine has a high degree of automation, and the printing content and patterns can be independently set. A notification is displayed when the ink remaining is low.