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Egg grading machine
egg grading machine

The egg grader also named the egg sorting machine, which is the commonly used egg processing equipment. It can sort out all kinds of eggs based on their size and weight automatically. Besides, the special optical inspection device of the egg grader can pick out the embryo eggs and spoiled eggs from a bulk of eggs. After the operator puts the egg on the conveyor line, the eggs can be automatically distributed to different collection baskets according to the weight and size of the eggs. The automatic egg grader has the characteristics of reliable performance, convenient operation, high efficiency, and the eggs are not easily broken during the grading process.

Egg sorting machine structure
Egg Sorting Machine Structure

Why should we use an efficient egg grader?

All kinds of eggs like duck eggs, and goose eggs are nutritious foods that we often eat in our daily lives, so eggs are usually sold well in the market. However, eggs are extremely fragile products, and eggs are often broken and wasted in the process of egg collecting and classifying. Manual egg classification is inefficient and takes a long time. Therefore, the use of a fully automatic egg grading machine to sort out and collect eggs is very important for the majority of egg distributors and egg processing plants. In addition to the grading of eggs, there are other egg processing, such as egg cleaning, egg coding, and other processing, so that eggs are more clean and hygienic and guaranteed when they are purchased by consumers.

Bulk eggs for sorting
Bulk Eggs For Sorting

How to grade eggs by the egg grader machine?

The egg sorting machine is also called weighing and grading equipment. Its conveying system can send eggs into the weighing system. Eggs of different weights and sizes will enter the corresponding collection basket according to the preset weight level. The equipment is ideal for farms and egg hatcheries of all sizes.

Egg grading equipment in stock
Egg Grading Equipment In Stock

The egg grading processing:

  1. The worker manually places the eggs on the conveyor belt. There are neatly arranged individual egg trays on the conveyor belt so that the eggs are not easy to slide and break.
  2. The conveyor belt will transfer the eggs to the part where the light inspection device is installed. The light inspection device will continue to emit light, and the light will penetrate the eggs to detect the quality of the eggs. Workers can pick out broken eggs, embryo eggs, black eggs, moldy eggs, and so on.
  3. After light testing, good eggs will be sent to the grading system. The grading system is pre-defined into 5 to 7 grades according to the weight and size of the eggs. When the eggs pass through the sorting device in turn, eggs of different weights will fall into different channels, and eggs of the same weight will fall into the same channel.
  4. Finally, the worker manually collects the eggs from different channels into different egg trays.

Two types of egg graders

Basic egg grading machine

Egg grading machine
Egg Grading Machine

The basic egg grading machine can complete the egg grading work. And there are two different models, we have a 4000 PC / h small-scale egg grading machine with small output and 5400pc/h for large output. The egg grader machine needs to put eggs on the egg grading machine. Grading according to the weight of the different eggs.

Upgraded egg grader

Upgraded egg grader
Upgraded Egg Grader

Through the factory’s research on egg grading, it is found that when the egg grader is in operation, it is more troublesome to place eggs, and you must be very careful, otherwise the eggs will be easily broken. Therefore, in the new version of the egg grader, the eggs can be placed on the machine by the egg suction machine, which saves a lot of time.

How to check the egg sorting machine before starting?

  1. It is strictly forbidden to put any sundries on all transmission chains of machinery and equipment. If so, it must be cleaned up before starting.
  2. Check whether the egg conveyor track chain bar is And checks the chain of each part of the machine for tripping.
  3. Check and clean the automatic weighing system to check if the knob in the package head is in place (open the machine cover at the top of the package head and check if the protruding metal rods on both sides of the black knob are fully inserted into the groove).
  4. Check that the compressed air valve is open (should keep it open normally, if it is off, the green handle is level with the ground, turn the green handle clockwise 90 to make it perpendicular to the ground).
Egg grader for shiping
Egg Grader For Shipping

Main features of the automatic egg grading machine

  1. All parts of this machine are made of carbon steel so that it is durable and corrosion-resistant.
  2. The whole egg sorting is time-saving and cost-saving with high working efficiency.
  3. This small egg grading machine has high precision and zero breakage rate. Wide range of applications and reliable performance, it is widely used for all types of chicken farms and egg processing plants.
Sorted and well-packed eggs
Sorted And Well-Packed Eggs

Egg Sorting Machine working video


Egg grader parameters

Model  TZ-5TZ-7
Working capacity (pcs/h)40005400
Grading level57
Power (W)320227
Dimension (mm)1700*1450*1000mm1850*1600*1000mm
Egg grader parameters

Egg graders can be divided into 5 or 7 levels, that is, divided into several different types of sizes. There are also two different output egg graders, which can be customized according to your needs when picking.

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