Complete Potato Washing Line Plant | Peeling Slicing Drying Packaging

Potato washing plant
potato washing plant

This potato washing line is mainly a washing and processing production line specially designed for vegetable distributors and vegetable growers. The potato washing line mainly includes the functions of washing, peeling, slicing, air drying, and packaging. The industrial potato washing plant has the characteristics of water-saving, time-saving, and labor-saving, and high cleaning efficiency.

Working video of the potato washing line

Why wash vegetables by the potato washing line?

Nowadays, when we walk into the vegetable market or supermarket, we often find that many vegetables are no longer full of mud, but clean, and can even be used directly for cooking. Why?

Potatoes for processing with the potato washing line
potatoes for processing with the potato washing line

This is because more and more vegetable distributors and vegetable growers clean and deep-process the vegetables before they sell them. This can make the vegetables look fresher and hygienic, increase the price of the vegetables, and increase their income.

Many commercial-thinking potato growers no longer simply sell potatoes to the market, but after deep processing of potatoes, they provide corresponding potato processed products to different fields, such as providing clean potatoes to the vegetable market, to the canteen and The fast-food restaurant offers fresh potato chips and potato chips.

Automatic potato washing line for shipping to uae
automatic potato washing line for shipping to UAE

Components of the industrial potato washing plant

1. Potato washing and peeling machine

The potato cleaning and peeling machine integrates automatic cleaning and peeling functions and is mainly used for the rapid cleaning of various root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, ginger, taro, carrots, etc. The brush in the washing tank of the machine can be replaced with various hardnesses for washing different kinds of vegetables.

2. Potato slicing machine

The commercial potato slicer machine can quickly cut the washed potatoes into chips and strips, and the thickness and size of the slices can be adjusted.

Potato slicer machine
potato slicer machine

3. Bubble washing machine

The bubble cleaning machine uses the principle of bubbles tumbling in the water to deeply clean vegetables. The main purpose of using this machine to clean potato slices is to remove the starch on the surface of the potato slices and prevent their oxidative discoloration.

Bubble washing machine
bubble washing machine

4. Air-drying machine

The air dryer machine is mainly composed of multiple sets of fans and a conveyor mesh belt, which can air dry all kinds of vegetables after washing and can also quickly cool food that undergoes high-temperature sterilization. After the cleaned potato chips are dried by the air dryer, the water droplets on the surface will be blown off.

Vegetable dryer
vegetable dryer

5. Vacuum packaging machine

The air-dried potato chips can be sold directly, or they can be packaged using vacuum packaging machines or other types of packaging, and then sold to high-end restaurants and supermarkets.  After the potato chips are vacuum-packed, their shelf life and freshness can be extended.

Double-chamber vacuum packaging machine
double-chamber vacuum packaging machine

The main features of the complete potato washing line plant

1. The output of the potato washing line can be customized. The common processing capacity is 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200kg/h, 300kg/h. We can also match customers with suitable machine models and provide a complete vegetable cleaning program according to their raw materials and production needs.

2. Every machine on the potato processing line is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is very resistant to wear and corrosion has a low failure rate, and long service life.
In addition, the potato cleaning line has a wide range of applications, not only processing potatoes but also other root vegetables and fruits, such as sweet potatoes.

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