Potato Peeler and Slicer Machine

Potato peeler and slicer machine
potato peeler and slicer machine

This potato peeler and slicer machine is especially good for cleaning and cutting root vegetables, such as potatoes, sweet potato, mustard, taro, carrot, and so on. After cleaning by this machine, the raw materials can be cut into slices and strips, and the thickness of the slice and strip can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements. This machine is indispensable in potato chip and french fry production lines.

Integrated potato washing peeling and slicing machine working video

potato peeler and slicer machine

Potato peeling and cutting machine structure

The automatic potato cleaning and cutting machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and is a peeling and processing equipment for root vegetables. It’s composed of the cleaning and peeling part and the cutting part. In the washing and peeling part, there is mainly a barrel that has a double-layer structure: the outer layer is the shell made of stainless steel; the inside layer is made of silicon carbide which has high hardness and wear resistance, which can remove the potato skin easily when it runs.

Potato peeler and cutter machine
Potato peeler and cutter machine

Upper the cleaning and peeling part, there is the water pipe and faucet which can inject water into the barrel continuously when this machine operates. Under the barrel, there is a motor that can drive the barrel to rotate. The next part is the potato slicing system which mainly includes the cutter plate and the rotating transfer device. The transfer device can deliver the potatoes one by one to the cutter plate for cutting. The cutter plate can be changed easily. Under the cutting system, there is also a motor to provide force power.

Working process of the potato peeler and slicer machine

When we begin to process the potato, sweet potato, or taro with this vegetable cleaning and cutting machine, the first step is to connect the power supply and open the water tap. Then we put the sweet potato or potatoes into the cleaning and peeling barrel. The potatoes will rotate inside the barrel and during the rotation, these potatoes will be washed and peeled within just 2 minutes.

Real working effect of the potato peeler and slicer machine
Real working effect of the potato peeler and slicer machine

The wastewater and residues will flow out from the side outlet. Then we open the plate between the barrel and cutting system, the peeled potatoes will be poured into the rotating transfer device and pushed forward into the cutter plate. The cutter plate can be different types of slices with different thicknesses.

The main features of the potato peeler and cutter machine 

  1. This integrated potato washing and cutting machine absorbs the characteristics of the root vegetable processing machinery at home and abroad. It has the advantages of easy operation, large volume, high efficiency, and low energy consumption.
  2. With a compact structure, beautiful appearance, safe and hygienic, and good performance, this carrot washing and cutting machine is in line with national health standards and is the ideal kitchen equipment for processing radish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other melon and fruit slices and shredded vegetables.
  3. Cleaning and peeling are highly efficient in this root vegetables processing machine and its peeling rate can be as high as 99%.
  4. The cutter plate can be many types for making potato flakes and potato chips with adjustable thickness. We can also customize a special cutter plate according to customers.
  5. All parts are made of high-quality stainless steel in this potato peeler and slicer machine so that it has a long service life. The supporting foot of the machine is a roller for easy movement.
Potato peeler and slicer machine
Potato peeler and slicer machine

Precautions when using this sweet potato cleaning and slicing machine

  1. Confirm that there is any foreign matter in the inlet, and connect the power and ground wire correctly according to the instructions in the instruction manual.
  2. After the machine is used, be sure to cut off the power and then clean the machine carefully.
  3. The potato peeler and slicer machine should be placed in a stable place and the casters should be locked when it is working.
  4. The circuit part cannot be removed and washed. When removing and washing, be careful to avoid sharp parts such as knives to prevent scratches.
  5. When the potato peeler and slicer machine is in operation, do not put your hand into the machine.

How to wash and peel potatoes on large scale?

With the popularity of potato food products, a series of potato processing machines are in hot sale now. The automatic potato washing and peeling machine is the integrated type for fast processing of potatoes.

What is the best electric potato peeler on the market?

Taizy potato peeling machine is the integrated type of potato processing equipment, which is the best equipment for integrating all the potato washing, peeling, and slicing functions in one set. It is very practical for making potato chips.

What can a potato peeler do?

The automatic potato peeler machine is efficient for washing, peeling, and slicing potatoes in many restaurants. The electric potato peeler can make potato flakes, potato strips, and potato mashes. The cutter in this potato peeling machine can be changed easily.

What is the best way to peel potatoes quickly?

Potato skin is hard to remove completely, however, an efficient potato washing peeling, and slicing machine will be a good helper for processing massive raw potatoes. This potato peeler is a multi-functional machine for pretreating potatoes to making potato chips and french fries.

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