10 health benefits of black garlic fermented by black garlic making machine

Fresh black garlic made by black garlic making machine
fresh black garlic made by black garlic making machine

Black garlic is extremely popular in UK supermarkets and fine dining restaurants. In addition, whether in Singapore, South Korea, Thailand or the United Kingdom, you can definitely see the black garlic products! Why do black garlic products appear frequently on people’s tables? Of course, because black garlic has extremely high nutritional value! Professional black garlic making machine manufacturers will reveal the secrets that black garlic can keep healthy for you.

How black garlic is produced?

Is black garlic a special garlic variety grown? Of course not! In fact, black garlic is a specially processed product of ordinary garlic. Our history of consuming black garlic is very short. Since the Koreans invented black garlic, it is only a decade or so.

The production of black garlic is not complicated, but it is a bit long. The processing of black garlic is simply to heat fresh garlic under high temperature and humidity conditions for more than one month, or even as long as two or three months. In this process, the main change of garlic in the black garlic making machine is “non-enzymatic browning” or oxidation caused by low temperature and long-term heating.

Nutrition facts of black garlic made by black garlic making machine

After long-term fermentation and ripening of garlic, the color changes from white to black, the protein is converted into 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body, and the carbohydrates are converted into fructose. Its antioxidant and anti-acidification functions are also improved by dozens of times, and the key retention function is improved 30 times. The fermented black garlic plays a hugely positive role in enhancing human immunity, restoring human fatigue, and maintaining human health.

Moisture Sugar Protein Fat Calcium Iron Nicotinic acid Vitamin B6
Fresh garlic 63.8g 7.2g 5.2g 10.2g 10mg 1.3mg 0.8mg 1.5mg
Black garlic 53.6g 41.4g 10.4g 5.1g 13mg 2.1mg 10.048mg 12.726mg
Black garlic machine in stock
Black Garlic Machines Are In Stock

10 benefits for human of black garlic

  1. Black garlic has amazing effects on regulating constipation. Feedback from consumers who took black garlic showed that constipation symptoms were significantly relieved after 3-7 days of taking black garlic.
  2. Black garlic has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. Black garlic has a strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. After washing your feet (better with black garlic skin to soak water in water) every day, apply black garlic paste evenly to the affected area. Applying it 1-2 times a day has an excellent effect.
  3. Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Black garlic has the reputation of “vascular scavenger”. Researchers have found that people who eat black garlic for a long time have less deposition in the inner wall of blood vessels and can prevent cardiovascular diseases such as hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis. The trace element selenium in black garlic produced by the black garlic machine can protect cardiovascular and heart muscle health.
  4. Prevention and conditioning of diabetes. Black garlic can affect glycogen synthesis in the liver, reduce its blood sugar level and increase plasma insulin levels. Allicin and alkaloids in black garlic also have components that lower blood sugar and increase the function of insulin. More importantly, it has no effect on normal blood sugar levels.
  5. Liver protection. Black garlic has strong antioxidant activity, which can inhibit the damage of the liver cell membrane structure by lipid peroxidase and protect the liver. Allicin in black garlic has resistance to liver cell poisoning caused by CC14 and improves the detoxification function of the liver.
  6. Brain puzzle. The combination of black garlic and vitamin B1 can produce “alliamine”, which provides sufficient energy for brain cells and makes agile thinking.
  7. Improve immunity. Black garlic is fermented by natural supplement garlic. It does not contain any added ingredients, but also greatly enhances its physical strength and strength. At the same time, it strengthens the human body’s immunity and has a significant inhibitory effect on multiple viruses, including AIDS secondary infection.
  8. Improve sleeping. Black garlic can effectively improve the symptoms of dizziness, shortness of breath, palpitations, fatigue, inattention, forgetfulness, and decreased work and study efficiency caused by insomnia.
  9. Weight loss and health. Black garlic effectively prevents the synthesis of enzymes and fatty acids and cholesterol and has a good weight loss effect.
  10. Delaying aging. The alliin and black garlic ethanol extract contained in black garlic also has a certain effect on delaying aging. Allicin in black garlic can also be combined with esters, which will have the function of vitamin E when combined-prevent arteries Atherosclerosis and anti-aging.

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