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Comprehensive potato chips production solutions in 2020

delicious potato chips made by potato chips processing line
delicious potato chips made by potato chips processing line

Taizy full-automatic potato chip production line is designed and developed by summing up the essence of 20 years of French fries and potato chips processing equipment, retaining the advantages of large equipment, and referring to feedback from users at home and abroad.

The entire potato chips processing line has the advantages of low one-time investment, low energy consumption, multiple functions, small size, high profit, and convenient use and maintenance. If you want to invest in potato chips production in 2020, we will provide you with the most comprehensive production solutions.

Main components of the complete potato chips line

The latest complete set of potato chip processing equipment mainly includes potato cleaning and peeling machines, slicers (strips) machines, blanching machines, dehydrators, continuous fryers, deoilers, seasoning machines, packaging machines and other auxiliary equipment.

Industrialized production process of delicious potato chips

Main workflow: Lifting feeding → washing and peeling → rinsing line → picking line → lifting feeding → slitting machine → rinsing and rinsing starch → bleaching and color protection → wind blowing drain → frying line → wind blowing deoiling → multi-layer pre-cooling line

commercial potato chips machine details
commercial potato chips machine details

Detailed potato chips processing steps in large yield:

  1. First, peel and clean the potatoes as raw materials.
  2. The washed potatoes are transported to a steam peeler or a mechanical peeler to peel. Then enter the second washing machine to wash away the potato skin that is stuck on the surface of the potato. The cleaned potatoes are transported to the inspection table for manual sorting and sorting of peeled potatoes.
  3. Feed the peeled potatoes to the slicer with a belt conveyor. The potatoes are cut into the required slices. The free starch was washed with water.
  4. The cleaned potato chips are sent to the blanching machine for blanching, and the washed and blanched potato chips carry a large amount of attached water. Use a vibrating screen with strong wind to separate individual potato chips and dry the attached water. It is then transported to a fryer, reducing the moisture content of the potato chips from 80% to 2% to obtain a crispy product.

The oil content in the finished product of fried crisps is between 30% and 40%. The fried potato chips are transferred to the draining conveyor belt, draining the remaining oil on the product surface.

The fried potato chips are transported to the roller seasoning machine to season the potato chips, and different seasonings are added according to different products. Then the flavored potato chips are delivered to the packaging workshop, and the product is packed into the required size and shape.

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